A Duke Will Never Do (The Spitfire Society #3) by Darcy Burke

As if she could feel his attention, Jane looked over at him, her eyes narrowing slightly as a secret smile teased her lips. His breath caught, thinking he was the luckiest man in the entire world to have her look at him like that.

Later that night, when they climbed into bed, Anthony didn’t falter as he had the night before. This had been his parents’ chamber, and he wasn’t sure he could sleep there. But then Jane had taken him into her arms and held him until he’d surrendered to a dreamless slumber.

Tonight, however, he had other plans.

As soon as she was beneath the coverlet, he rolled on top of her and kissed her thoroughly. She drove her hands into his hair, kissing him back and rising up off the bed to press her breasts into his chest.

He pulled her night rail up to her waist. “Why are you wearing this?”

“I wasn’t sure you wanted to—”

He kissed her again. “I want to.”

She wriggled her hips. “Good, because I want to too.”

Together, they worked to discard the garment, and Jane pulled him back down for another kiss. Several minutes later, he licked down her throat as she clasped his head.

“Sarah assured me that we could do this without any problems while I’m carrying a babe.”

Anthony froze just before he took her nipple into his mouth. He looked up at her. “You’re with child?”

“I think so. I haven’t had my courses in… Well, since you came to stay with me. I think that day at your house, when we got carried away and you didn’t—”

He claimed her mouth again as joy swept through him. He looked down at her with more happiness than he’d ever thought possible. Then darkness washed over him.

She reached up and touched his jaw. “What is it?”

“What if I’m a terrible father?”

“You won’t be. I have only to look at you with the kittens. Oh, I miss them.”

“You think because Daffodil and Fern adore me, I’ll be a good father?” He let out a soft laugh. “Kittens are not children.”

She chuckled, stroking his face. “No, but you are sensitive and kind and absolutely charming. Plus, you make me feel like the most wonderful person in the world. I’ve no doubt you will make our child feel the same.”

Anthony kissed her again, bearing her down onto the mattress and settling himself between her legs. She curled herself around him, welcoming him into her, and for some time, he was quite blissfully lost.

Later, when he rolled to the side, he gathered her against him. She snuggled into him and stroked his chest.

“Why did you fall in love with me?” he asked. “I specifically told you I wasn’t going to love you.”

“Or marry me,” she said. “And look at us now.” She traced her finger around his nipple. “It was when you came to stay with me. In fact, I think it was when the kittens decided you were their favorite person.”

“You were jealous?”

She laughed. “Maybe.”

“I can’t imagine why you would have loved me then. I wasn’t remotely worthy. And, God, I looked atrocious.”

“You were also incredibly vulnerable. And sweet. And charming. I didn’t realize it, but I was lonely, and I felt as if I wasn’t worthy of having people around me. You showed me I was wrong.”

He turned to face her. “You’re the worthiest woman I know. I’ll spend my life proving it to you.”

She caressed his face, bringing her lips to his. “You already have.”

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