The Dawn of the End by Kristen Ashley

She pulled from his arms and turned to Mars.

“You will learn everything they have to tell,” she demanded.

Mars looked stuck between amused and reciprocating her wrath when he replied, “Yes, I will.”

Though, even in the circumstances, True did not fail to note Mar’s expression was also partly exasperated, for his attention was partly taken by his wife standing behind Farah.

As were her friends, not only Elena, but Aramus’s queen, Ha-Lah.

Mars focused on Farah. “I need you to take my wife back to the castle, little sister.”

“I think not,” Farah retorted. “She was the one who suggested we come. And she was adamant about it. She might be small, but when she’s got something in her head, she makes it happen.”

Mars’s chin jerked into his neck as his brows rose and he looked to his queen.

He studied Silence. True studied Silence. Both men took in her determined expression and the mercurial shift of her silver eyes as the winds in the room died down.

True then looked to Mars only to watch him smile at his wife very slowly and very scarily.

“We will watch,” Farah declared, and True’s attention went back to his own wife.

“You will not.”

“We will watch,” Silence declared. “And if we have any ideas you can try, we will share.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Cassius said to the ceiling.

“I couldn’t stop them, my prince,” Elena told him.

“Did you try?” he asked her.

She looked guilty and gave only a shrug in response.

“Do you want to watch, my queen?” Aramus asked his Ha-Lah.

Ha-Lah, however, wasn’t looking at her husband.

She was looking at Serena.

And doing so, she answered, “I want to chat.”

“I think this is a good idea,” Cassius decreed.

“I don’t,” Serena put in. “I was hoping my job would be putting some balls in vises. Then squeezing.”

“I think we have personnel covered,” Cassius pointed out, gesturing to all the men standing in the room.

True did not have time for this shite.

Thus, he looked to Elena.

“Take them away,” he ordered.

Her attention came to him and her face gentled.

“True,” she said softly.

“Take them.” He turned to Serena. “And you. Take them safe to the castle. And I’m trusting the both of you.”

Serena looked to Chu.

Chu nodded.

Serena nodded back and moved toward the door.

True stared for a moment at her easy compliance before he turned to Elena to see her gaping at her sister.

He then gave his attention to his wife.

“Go,” he said gently. “Go home. Please.”

She gazed up at him for a long, heavy moment before lifting her hand and resting it on his cheek, any residual fury dying from her eyes as she studied his features.

“I will await you in our chambers,” she whispered.

He wrapped his fingers around her wrist, brought her palm to his lips and kissed her there before he held that hand to his chest and urged, “Try to rest as you do.”

She continued to study him as if hoping his expression would change and he would share this was all a hoax, all was well, and they could enjoy the rest of their wedding day—and night—as they had planned.

He could not do that.

All he could do was hold on to his own fury long enough to be sure his wife and her friends were away.

And only then would he unleash it.


“Go,” he prompted.

Her eyes dropped to his hand. He noted when she saw his bleeding knuckles, but her gaze merely danced with gold fire before she gave him what he desired.

She pressed her hand into his chest, leaned in and touched a kiss to the underside of his jaw.

She then pulled away, looking deep into his eyes before she nodded and turned.

The women moved with her.

True looked to Wallace and Luther.

“They are safe to the castle, then you both come back,” he commanded.

He got nods and his men followed the women.

When they were gone, True looked to Mars.

“Do you need your men?” he asked.

“They’d be useful.”

“Are they here?”


True turned to a guard. “Get the Trusted.”

That guard moved instantly.

“Chu,” Mars called.