A Vampire's Possession : A Vampire Romance by Ava Mason

I stepped closer as my emotions built, trapping any space between us so that my whole body was pressed against hers, not caring that she could feel my thick erection against her stomach. I kissed her like the world was ending, like the stars would fall from the sky if I didn’t kiss her. I needed this woman. In my arms and under me. The temptation to turn back around and lock Harley out of the room was so strong, I had to grip my fingers into her flesh to stop myself.

A rush of magic poured through me, filling me from my chest to my toes, then billowed out around us like a tidal wave, raging and crashing, unconquerable and unmeasurable. I had to do anything in my power to protect Kip, to love and honor her. To cherish her every touch. To do whatever it took to make her happy.

It was the mate bond, and it was snapping into place.

I growled, my protective instincts raging inside. I would never let anyone hurt her.


She was meant for me, and every inch of my body knew it, felt it. She was made for me…

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