A Vampire's Possession : A Vampire Romance by Ava Mason

Tina swiped again but Vera sprung off the table and landed on Tina, pushing her onto the floor. Tina fought back, managing to slice long gashes through the muscles in Vera's arms, but Vera held her down as she bit into her neck again and gulped down Tina’s blood.

It was warm and satisfying.

Bane, who’d run away as soon as he’d seen Vera rise, burst back through the open doorway. He jumped on Vera's back, wrapped a glowing rope around her neck and pulled it tight. It seared her flesh and she cried out from the pain.

Vera grasped at the rope, trying to yank it off her neck, but Bane managed to drag her back to the table. Working quickly, he wrapped it around her several times and positioned her into a vicelike grip while the blood from Tina’s body drained onto the floor.

Vera fought against her bindings and soon, her hands were tied to the rest of her body.

Heaving with the effort, Bane moved away, making sure to steer clear of her teeth. He managed to tie her to the table, coughing because the smell of her burning flesh from the rope permeated the air.

Then he stood back, grinning and admiring his work while she hissed at him. His chest puffed out; he hadn’t even needed to shift to subdue her. Chuckling to himself, he bent to his knees at Tina’s form on the ground.

Her blank eyes stared past him; she was definitely dead.

Frowning, he looked back up at Vera. “Stupid whore, you killed her.”

Vera hissed in response. “And I will kill you as soon as you turn your back on me.” Her French accent sounded strange to his ears.

He grinned. “Somehow I doubt that. When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me to kill you.”

A shadow covered the doorway as Myla entered the cabin, a gasp escaping her throat.

“What happened here? You were supposed to tie her up before she got out of hand.” She kneeled next to Tina, trying to see if there was anything she could do to save her as Vera looked on, smiling triumphantly. Standing up, Myla looked up at Bane in disgust. “You’re careless.”

Bane’s lip curled up. “The strigoi is tied up now. I’ll take care of Tina’s body.”

Myla folded her arms across her chest, clicking her tongue impatiently. “Why didn’t you tie her up as soon as you got here? I told you she was strong.”

Bane smirked and sauntered towards her, his eyes lowering to move over her body and Myla bristled.

“Hush, little shifter, everything will be okay.” His finger trickled up her arm and over her collar. As he moved behind her, he grasped her shoulders. “I didn’t realize the sun had already set but we were just having a little bit of fun. Want me to show you what we were doing?”

She pushed his hand off her shoulder. “I just want revenge, that's all. He killed the only man I loved, as well as the highest ranking shifter in my pack. He needs to pay, and she’s the way to make him do it.”

Bane looked past Myla’s shoulder to assess Vera, his body pressed tightly against Myla’s back. “How do you know she’s the right strigoi? She doesn’t seem that important to me.”

Myla stared at Vera's mouth, knowing that she could be compelled if she looked into her eyes. “She was his mistress, so he must feel something for her. There’s the human, but he’d never be careless enough to attach himself to someone so feeble. No, the strigoi is the right one.”

Vera only glared at her.

Bane’s hand twisted Myla’s body so she was facing him and away from Vera’s dark gaze, and he smiled brightly. "Then we’ll begin to poison her, as discussed.”

She shifted, uncertain, but he lowered his hand, sliding a finger down the front of her dress.

He couldn’t help himself; violence always made him hard.

“But first, let me show you a thing or two about how I work.” He pulled her to him so that she could feel his hardness. “You’re too pretty to let the strigoi ruin a little fun.”

Her breath escaped her as his hand yanked off buttons and slid down her dress, then clasped her breast. She closed her eyes as she took in the sensations running through her body as he played with her nipples.

“You think—” She gasped as his other hand yanked her skirt to the side. “You think I’m pretty?”

“Of course.” He nibbled on her ear as he moved to rip down the front of her dress. “We’ll get our revenge on the strigoi, but who says we can’t amuse ourselves in the process?”