A Vampire's Possession : A Vampire Romance by Ava Mason

I couldn't imagine losing your children to death. I know that it happened all the time but, in my mind, the parents were always meant to leave this life before the children. However, as a strigoi, I guess that was the opposite, wasn’t it?

If you were turned, you would watch your children grow old, and even their children.

How painful that must be.

But still, who could believe that even after four hundred years, the pain inside Detrand was still so acute?

It was a sad thing, and I wished I could take the ache from him.

As we opened the door to the kitchen, Phyllis immediately reacted to our presence. “I’m not done with the stew quite yet." She pounded the spoon against the sides of the pot, stirring furiously.

"It's okay," I tried to calm her. "It's my fault for not bringing in the vegetables earlier."

"Still," she glanced at Detrand who was only watching her curiously, "I should've woken Emily up earlier to go retrieve them if you were busy."

Emily only huffed a breath, walking back into the pantry to avoid being in the same room as us.

With Detrand trailing in my wake, I moved to Phyllis' side. "Things have changed, and you're still getting accustomed to them," I soothed her, ignoring the amused emotions from Detrand.

He didn't think that I should bother with the staff as much as I did, but knowing what their lives were like made me much more sympathetic towards them.

And it was true. Now that both Lula and I were sleeping during the day and waking with the strigoi, the staff had to adjust their schedules to make our meals in the evening. Everyone was switching their schedule to accommodate Lula's and mine, and even though they were paid well to do it, I still wished to make things a bit smoother for them.

"I can go dress if that would make things easier for you?" I asked Phyllis.

She nodded, her shoulders lowering as she began to relax. "That would be a great help, thank you."

I turned to leave, and Detrand took my hand again, murmuring in my ear as we left the kitchen. "Or I could set the table, if that would help the staff."

I led him through the dining room. “What are you talking about?"

"I would make things much more simple if I were to do it. I wouldn’t place plates and silverware. All I would need was you up on the table, your legs spread wide, the smell of your delicious cunt filling the air."

I blushed with the thought but there was still something inside me that made me heat with his words.

By now, everyone knew that Detrand and I were together, but there were still some issues with the staff.

As if answering my thoughts, Detrand spoke. "Emily may not exactly know what we do in my room, but if I laid you out on the table and ate from your cunt for all the staff to see, she would certainly get the idea. Then maybe she would finally let go of her hopes and dreams of catching me."

I smiled, actually enjoying the thought even though I would never let him do that to her. “She'll get the idea soon enough." I sighed heavily. "If only you weren't so handsome, it might make things easier on her."

“I could make myself a bit uglier,” he chuckled, “but then I might lose you to another, and that, I won't risk."

“Never.” I contested his words but he only pulled me up the stairs and to his room and, as soon as we were inside it, he turned to me.

"Take off that robe and nightgown, Adelade. I wish to see you."

A thrill hummed inside me, and I did as he commanded, pulling everything off and placing it on the edge of his bed, then turned towards him.

As his eyes roamed my naked body and I returned the inspection. He was incredibly handsome, his whole frame intertwined with strong muscles, power pulsing from his mere presence. His eyes were deep and sharp, betraying his intelligence. The cut of his jaw was as if Michelangelo had carved it himself along with the rest of his body.

And yet, his gaze burned for me.

Times like these made me feel unworthy of such a powerful, sensual creature. It was an overwhelming sensation and I did what felt natural. I fell to my knees and pressed my forehead to his feet. I bowed before my master, the strigoi who owned not only my body but also my heart.

His delighted hum made a pride swell in my chest. I liked that something that came so easily to me pleased him, and loved even more that by this simple motion, it even made him lose a bit of his control.

Bowing before him always made him want to fuck me, and that was my goal.