A Vampire's Possession : A Vampire Romance by Ava Mason

He was torturing me every night always touching me, tasting me, wanting me, but never actually fucking me, and it was pure, decadent agony.

I loved it.

Every night was an exploration of my sexuality, a long drawn out teasing, and yet at the same time, the need to feel him inside me grew stronger and stronger as each night passed between us.

I didn't own him and he didn't own me completely, not until he had taken me fully.

Then, I would know I had truly captured his heart.

"You are magnificent." His finger trailed over the skin of my back, down my spine to my ass. "A creature from the gods, come here to tempt me into taking your innocence."

I inhaled a breath as the heat traveled from my belly to between my thighs at his words. “And yet, you haven't."

"Yes," he murmured, "it would be a sin to take something so innocent and lovely as you. You're too ethereal for a strigoi such as I to fuck."

"Still, you love to torture me so."

"Yes.” I could feel the agony and torment of his feelings. "I can't seem to control myself around you, Adelade. Every night the temptation grows stronger and stronger until one night, I may give in and partake of the forbidden fruit."

"Then I will have to stay by your side always, tempting you. You're already cursed, why not fall deeper into the well of transgression?”

His sigh was a twisting emotion inside me for, just as I knew it, he knew it.

He would fuck me one day.

I was determined to make it happen.

He was determined to keep himself from it.

And in this case, the water was stronger than the stone. I would beat him down until he partook, taking my virginity, and with it, my heart and soul.



Detrand walked across the room to his bed and sat down with a sigh. "Sit up, Adelade. Look at me."

I straightened, placing my hands on my thighs as I met his gaze. I could feel the concern he felt for my safety, and there was also indecision. He wanted to ask me a question but something kept him from it.

Leaning back over, I got on my hands and knees, and the concern and indecision inside him melted in the heat of his raging fire for me as he watched me crawl towards him. I felt sensual and seductive, and even though I was the one on my hands and knees before my master, I was the one with all the power. All his thoughts were now focused on me, his worries gone.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had what I wanted.

When I got to his feet, I knelt there and pressed my face into his legs. "What is it, Detrand. What concerns you?"

"You Adelade, always you." He put his hand on the top of my head, stroking my hair.

"And why is that?"

"Because, even with Raisa's help, I'm not certain I could contain myself fully if I were inside you. When the strigoi fuck, we sometimes lose our minds, and I could easily kill you."

His confession made me want to weep inside, for just as I was determined to make him fuck me, I never wished to hurt him. And yet, was that to mean that we could never be together? That he would never fully own my body as I wished him to?

“Is there something we can do? Another spell or potion, perhaps?”

“Possibly.” His fingers went to my chin, and he pulled my face up so that I was looking into his eyes. His heated gaze burned into me, making a lump form in my chest.

In that moment, I truly knew that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him.

"You have no idea how sensual you look sitting at my feet. It gives me great pleasure to see you kneel before me, did you know that?"

I nodded.

“When you do that, it makes me think that if I can conquer a sensual creature such as you, then I could also conquer the entire world. As if I could control the very beast inside me, make him bend to my will instead of the other way around. Do you think that would ever be possible?”

"I have every hope that it could be."

“So much faith in me.” He mused, his fingers moving to my lower lip, tracing it with his thumb. “I think it could be possible if we had help, at first."

Excitement built inside my chest at his words. "Whatever help you need, I am yours to command."

His eyebrow ticked upwards. "Even if there were to be someone else with us, participating in our play?”

“Like Stefano was that one night?"

“Yes, like that.” The corner of his lip tilted upwards. “Did you like that, Adelade? Me sharing you with him?”