All Souls' Night : A Midnight Doms Boxset by Renee Rose

She rubs her breasts and ribcage. “Ahhh. That’s what you call an out-of-bodice experience.”

The three of us share a hearty laugh. I lift her into my arms and carry her into the tub, setting her before me, between my legs in the hot water. Alex joins us in what has now become our aftercare ritual of bathing each other, and sometimes enjoying each other some more.

After we’ve washed Karina’s body and hair, she settles back against my chest. She fingers the collar at her throat. “So, this is like a wedding ring for us?”

“Yes, cupcake.” Alex shares a grin with me. “Along with our exchange of blood.”

I kiss her damp hair and nuzzle her ear. “You belong to Alex and me, now and forever.”

“And you two belong to me.”

“Yes.” From the moment I saw Alex…the moment I saw Karina, they were mine, and they always will be. But I, invariably, belong to them…forever.

The End

About the Author

Arial Burnz writes paranormal romance, mystery romance and paranormal women's fiction. Check out her Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles with hot Scottish vampires and Norse shifters. And she's just released the Woodward Hill Mystery Romance and Midlife Curses books with her best friend and writing partner, AJ Nuest.

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