Playing Dirty (The Driven World) by Cheri Marie



“Chin up, soldier, wipe those tears!”

My father kneels in front of me, wiping away the tears from my cheeks and kissing me on the forehead before getting to his feet again. I stand tall and at attention as I choke back the tears that threaten again.

“You’re going to be the man of the house while I’m gone and I need you to always love, respect and protect your mama and sister. You understand?”

“Yes sir,” I say, giving him a salute.

He salutes me back before scooping me up in his arms, hugging me tightly.

“I love you, Sebastian.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

The front door to the house opens and Selena who is five years younger than me comes running out squealing with our mother in tow.

“Daddy! Don’t go!” She cries out, only giving him a moment to place me on my feet before she’s climbing up the front of him.

I walk over to my mother who’s standing a few feet away, silently sobbing into the collar of her shirt. Placing my hand in hers, I give it a reassuring squeeze to let her know everything is going to be okay. I may only be ten, but I have every intention of keeping the promise I made to my father. I release her hand when my father waves her to come towards him and he wraps both her and Selena in his arms again. He looks at me and I give him a nod, assuring him we’re going to be okay. Releasing them from his hold, he placed a kiss on my mother’s lips then hands Selena to her.

“Okay guys, I have to go. I love you all so much and I’ll be back before you know it.”

Picking up his bag, he tosses it into the back of his truck and climbs into the driver’s seat. He puts the window down, telling us all he loves us again as he backs out of the driveway.

“Sebastian, don’t forget what we talked about!”

I stand tall, straightening my shoulders. “Don’t worry soldier, I got your six,” I say with a salute.

He smiles proudly, then with a final wave he pulls away and we stand there on the sidewalk until his taillights fade out of sight.

“Daddy!” Selena cries, reaching into the air, hoping he’ll come back.

Walking over, I take her from my mother’s arms and hug her. “Don’t worry, Ena, he’ll be back soon! Until then, I’ll take care of you and mom.”

I glance up at my mother and she smiles through her tears. I smile up at her and say, “Come on, let’s go inside. I’ll make dinner.”

“Oh yea, what will you be making, Chef Sebastian?”

“Selena’s favorite! Macaroni and cheese!”

Selena cheers and both mom and I laugh. “Sounds delicious!” Mom says, patting me on the head as we make our way back inside.

Chapter One


The memory of the day my father left floods my mind as I stare at the date on the calendar. It’s been fifteen years since he left on his last deployment. I think somehow, I knew that would be the last time we would ever see him.

Six months later he was killed when his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb. The hardest thing I ever had to witness, was the day the Governor showed up to tell my mother that my father wouldn’t be coming home. Since the day he left, I’ve kept my promise to always protect my mother and sister, always have and always will.

Dropping my pen onto my desk, I decide I need a distraction. The perfect one sits at the desk just down the hall from my office, and her name is Chloe. Picking up my desk phone I order her to come into my office telling her it’s urgent. Moments later she appears and closes the door.

“How can I help you Mr Abbott?” Her tone seductive. Yeah, she knows what I want and just how to give it to me.

She walks over to the desk unbuttoning her blouse as she moves. I must admit she’s got a nice rack. Fake but nice. She drops to her knees before me as I undo my pants, toying with my firm cock before she wraps her lips around it and sucks me into her mouth. The girl is the perfect distraction for today.

“Fuck,” I growl through gritted teeth as my secretary deep throats my cock. I can feel her smile around me as I wrap my hands up in her hair thrusting my hips forward causing her to gag. Just as I’m about to come down her throat, there’s a light knock on my office door.

“Under the desk,” I tell her, not willing to give up my nut for whoever the hell is knocking on the door when the sign in the front window of my real estate office clearly says ‘closed’. Chloe diligently does as she’s told and before I can say anything, the door swings open and in walks my baby sister, Selena. Well, she isn’t really a baby anymore; more like a twenty-year-old pain in my ass. I growl lightly. There goes my arousal.