The Man I Thought I Trusted by E. L. Todd



I woke up the next morning feeling the heat from the sunlight on my face. Last night, the window showed the thriving city outside, lights glimmering like beacons, but now it was a brilliant day and the lights from the buildings had dimmed. I arched my back and stretched my arms above my head, sighing as my body enjoyed the comfortable mattress and the high-end sheets that cuddled me all night long. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d slept so well, woke up in the morning and felt like I could do anything. Was it just the bedding? Or was it the man beside me?

I opened my eyes and looked at Dax. He was on his back with his head slightly tilted my way, his eyes closed and his jaw relaxed. With every breath he took, his chest rose slightly, his flat stomach chiseled even when he was unconscious. The sheets were loose around his waist as if he got hot during the night and pushed them away, and a bit of his happy trail was visible far below. Veins covered his tanned skin on his muscular arms and the abs below his belly button. Awake or not awake, this man was beautiful.

Yeah, it definitely wasn’t the bedding that made me sleep so long.

It was the man.

I shifted closer to him and pressed a kiss to his shoulder, my tongue taking a gentle swipe so I could taste him. Seeing his face first thing in the morning was more exhilarating than the view from his penthouse. His scruff was even thicker than it had been the night before, and I loved that masculine look.

My eyes glanced down to the sheets over his waist and noticed the distinct outline of his bulging cock.

Damn, I could get used to this.

I crawled over him and pulled back the sheets slightly so I could press a gentle kiss to the top of his dick.

He didn’t wake up, but an almost inaudible moan emerged from his closed lips.

I got out of bed and helped myself to his discarded shirt on the floor. I got a better look at his bedroom, the seventy-inch TV mounted on the wall, the high-end furniture, the armchair outside his closet where he sat to put shoes on every morning.

His bedroom was almost as big as my apartment.

I left the bedroom and walked down the hallway, seeing a whole other hallway emerge at an intersection in the corridor. I had no idea where it led, and I wasn’t nosy enough to find out. I kept going and headed to the main room where the kitchen was located.

Floor-to-ceiling windows took up the entire back wall, and it was an open room, with the dining table, kitchen, and living room all in the same area. It was perfect for entertaining, even though I wasn’t sure how much he hosted events.

Just this space alone was bigger than a single floor in my apartment building. That must mean every unit took up an entire floor of the building.

How could one person need this much space?

I walked into the kitchen and looked for the coffeepot. Of course, he didn’t have something basic. It was a big, shiny device that looked like it belonged on the counter of a coffee shop. It took some time to figure out how to work the stupid thing and make myself a cup of joe.

His wealth didn’t intimidate me, and it didn’t make me think higher of him either. It was just a part of who he was, and I’d have to get used to it. When he said I would’ve thought of him differently if I’d known he was a billionaire the night we met, he was right. I would’ve made unfair assumptions about who he was instead of seeing the man behind the wallet. I would have assumed he was arrogant, snobbish, egotistical…entitled. But he wasn’t a jerk like the other rich people I had to deal with, so I actually was grateful he’d deceived me.

Otherwise, this might never have happened.

I wouldn’t have found the man I was supposed to be with.

I took a seat at the dining table that was next to the window and drank my coffee as I looked at my emails on my phone.

A text message popped up from Charlie. So…you never came home last night.

I grinned. Nope.

Are you going to come home tonight?

Double nope.

Did you get that D?

Only all night…

Finally. Is Kat okay?

The mention of her immediately brought down my mood. She’s pretty down, honestly. But she’ll come around.

Charlie didn’t text me back.

The sound of footfalls came to my ears as Dax entered the kitchen. Barefoot and just in his sweatpants, he stood at the coffeemaker and made himself a cup before he took a drink and joined me at the dining table. “Morning, sweetheart.” He set his coffee mug on the table then leaned down to kiss me.