Anagram by Sienna Grant

    I promised myself I wouldn’t let him sway me, even if he did smell good and have a body carved for sex; there’s no way I was going to fall to my knees and worship him.

    If only I could’ve kept that vow.

    The red light on my desk phone flashes over and over again, halting all thoughts of Everett. That tell-tale light tells me that yet again my assistant isn’t doing her job. I slam my hands on the desk and push myself up from my chair to look through the glass that separates mine and my assistant’s office. She isn’t anywhere to be found.

    A low growl scrapes the back of my throat; this was becoming a daily occurrence. The ringing wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, and I know she isn’t going to rush back for it, so, schooling my expression, I push back my anger and take a deep breath in through my nose before I slowly blow it out. Once I’m feeling a little calmer, I paint a smile onto my face and hold the receiver up to my ear.

    “Hicks Life Solutions, how may I help you today?” My phone voice is sickly sweet, one I have spent years perfecting until I became CEO.

    A CEO that answers her own damn phone.

    “Reagan?” I recognized the husky voice on the other end of the line right away and sit down. It was none other than the director himself. Fuck! The director was going to love hearing his chief executive answering her own damn phone.

    “Mr. Hicks,” I say cheerily. “Yes, it’s me.”

    “No assistant today?”

    “She’s currently away from her desk. Running an errand,” I lie as I glance back to her desk, but still she’s not there.

    “She seems to spend a lot of time away from her desk. Can you not find her a job to do at her desk?”

    “Of course.” It feels like the blood is pumping erratically through my veins as I drum my fingertips on the desk in front of me.

    “Reagan, you really should get this assistant business figured out. I need you on top of your game, not playing secretary.”

    “I understand, Mr. Hicks, and I’m dealing with it, of that I can assure you.”

    “Good. Well, when you’ve sorted your little staffing problem out, call me back.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    The dial tone filtering through the receiver is not a good sign. My boss had cut me off. Fucking great. That’s all I need. First, I had an assistant that couldn’t stay in her fucking seat long enough to do the job I’m paying her to do, then I have to make excuses to the director of the fucking company, who hangs up on me. Well, I wasn’t made chief executive of the company because I’m as sweet as sugar. No, I was made CEO of Hicks Life Solutions because I’m a hard worker and I get results. I’ve been known to be ruthless and I don’t take shit from anyone. Terry Hicks knew that I could grab a deal by the balls, and I had shown already that the male competitors didn’t faze me.

    Having a useless assistant wouldn’t either.

    I’d never had a huge circle of people around me. I’d never been the kind to be in a massive crowd, even in school. Ruby Spencer is my best friend. We went to college together. She was this sassy and vibrant vixen, all red hair and fair skin, who doesn’t give a shit who she mouthed off too. We roomed together at Rutgers University, and from that first day of freshman year we were inseparable, and that is how it has been ever since. We really should not have been friends. If I remember rightly, it was Ruby who dragged me along. She’s always loved people. I was always the one who would sit back to people watch, try to figure them out. You could learn a lot from a person if you watched their character come to life before you. I don’t trust easily; I have a guard up, and if you manage to get through that initial forcefield, you have a friend for life.

    My family have always supported my work and everything I have ever aspired to do. When my dad died three years ago, I felt like something died in me too. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever recovered fully.

    Of course, when I met Everett Brooks, he somehow had me all figured out. It seems we are two peas in a pod. We both thrive for success and both run flourishing businesses.

    Everett is the owner of EB Pharmaceuticals. He was rumored to be the most eligible bachelor in the business and, dare I say, the sexiest. He’s not just single, he’s a self-obsessed playboy, and the man oozes sex. I clearly never stood a chance. I could’ve been wearing a fucking chastity belt and he would’ve found a way to get past it.