Anagram by Sienna Grant

    I need to clear my head of Everett. I look out into the sales office and still can’t see Bronwyn, my assistant. I am beyond frustrated. I huff and yet again stand, but the phone ringing again stops me.



    Walking my client out, I give him a fake-ass smile before shutting the door behind him and go back to sit at my desk. What a dick. I wish I didn’t have to deal with clients at all, but no one can do my job like me. It’s crazy to think how much money changes hands here, and most of it isn’t even legal. With fake contracts and more people on the take than there are straight down the line, it makes you much more cautious and makes you want to look into the backgrounds of people you’re dealing with.

    Whenever I have a dilemma, I usually work it out with sex. I’m not the kind of man who really settles. It’s just not me, and I’ve never had it on one of my vision boards, let’s put it that way. Sex always helps ease the tension, but that’s not going to happen right now. If I could get away from here, I would, but I have back to back meetings today. The next best thing, though, is on the other end of that phone. I’m already thinking about having Reagan Quinn beneath me again—just her name has my dick straining against my zipper.

    Picking up the receiver of my desk phone, I dial the number for Hicks Life Solutions. It rings for a lot longer than it usually does. That’s strange. Reagan is strict about letting the phone go unanswered. I’m about to hang up and try again later, when the call gets picked up.

    “Hicks Life Solutions. How can I help you today?”

    I know that voice. My dick knows that voice too, especially when she screamed my name. I can’t help but smile to myself at the way my thoughts are going. “Well, well, well. Reagan?”

    “Mr. Brooks, what can I do for you?” She tries to keep it formal for appearance’s sake, but I still can’t stop the smile that stretches across my face.

    “As much as I love the secretary voice, Rae, why are you answering your own phone? Do you not have an assistant to do that anymore? I mean, I know you women have this shit going on where you like to be treated as equals, but aren’t you a bit over-experienced?”

    “No, I don’t have a secretary. Well, not after today. So, what can I help you with, Everett?” She sighs, obviously not in the mood, but hearing her cute, sexy telephone voice does things to me.

    I lean back in my chair and get myself comfy. “There’s plenty you could do for me, but for now, we need to arrange to meet up.”

    “Okay. What for? I mean, I know why you like to meet up, but this sounds different.”

    “I want to run something by you. I’ve had a meeting with this company, I know you’ve dealt with them before…but I’m not too sure I believe what he’s saying. He seems like a shady fucker to me.”

    “You do remember what happened the last time we had to discuss a product in your office, don’t you, or have you forgotten already?”

    “Ms. Quinn.” I lower the tone of my voice. “How could I ever forget that?” Just plucking that monumental time from my memory when I fucked her over my desk puts me in physical pain as my dick hardens even more.

    “Everett, I don’t have the time for this right now, I have a few things to figure out. I have quite a full schedule at the moment, but I’m sure I can fit you in sometime this week.”

    Fit me in? What the fuck? She’d do more than fit me in. “I do love it when you go all professional on me, but we both know we don’t need an assistant to schedule our meetings.”

    “Everett, please, not now. I have enough shit going on. I’m going to have to put you on hold for a moment.”

    “Reagan.” I call out her name but all I get in return are those annoying fucking beeps that tell me my call is being transferred to someone else. I slam the receiver down before anyone can pick up the call, resting my arms on top of my desk.

    As shocked as I was at hearing her voice on the other end of the line, I was more shocked that she cut me off.

    Ms. Quinn will be feeling the sting of my palm for that. I can’t wait to turn her pale skin pink, and then ram my dick inside her so hard she’ll be seeing stars.