Anagram by Sienna Grant

    “Of course, Ms. Quinn.”

    “Oh, and, Steven, I need this done ASAP.” With my temper spiking, I slam the receiver down and sit back in my chair.

    Bronwyn has worked here since before I was hired as CEO. She wasn’t very efficient as a normal secretary in HR, so I wonder why the last CEO thought she’d be of any use to him? Unless he liked being a perv and looking down the low-cut tops which she always wore.

    The day had come to an end and I couldn’t wait to go home and sink into a relaxing bubble bath.

    I’m in early the next day. I needed to make sure everything is set up and my meetings have been scheduled. Once I know we’re back on track, I lean back in my chair.

    A call comes through from the main desk. “Yes, Steven?”

    “Mr. Brooks is on the line from EB Pharmaceuticals, he was quite adamant that he speaks to you. Would you like me to schedule him for another time?”

    A smirk teases my lips as I think about hanging up on him yesterday. I know I’ll pay for that and I can hardly wait to have his hands on me. “No, it’s fine. I have a spare five minutes. Put him through.”

    I wait on the line until I hear the deep, sexy voice of Everett Brooks.

    “Well, well, Ms. Quinn. I thought I was going to have to come down there and demand to see you for a minute. Who’s the dude?”

    “Hello, Everett.” I smile to myself at his question about Steven. “He’s my stand-in assistant. I fired my other one.”

    “How many is that now?” he asks with a hint of teasing in his arrogant tone.

    “Only one. So, what did you want Everett? You’re on a tight schedule, I think Steven might be timing you.” I just hope my new assistant is just as good as Steven is. I sigh to myself in wonder.


    “Ev, we both know you won’t come downtown because it would mean you’d have to keep your hands to yourself, and we both know you don’t have much willpower.”

    “We both know that you would give in before me, Rae. I want to see you tonight. And don’t even think about hanging up on me today.”

    “I think that could be arranged. What time would you like me to schedule you into my private calendar?” The smirk I had soon turns into a full-on smile. Everett and I have been seeing each other for a couple of months now, but we’ve kept it on the low. We didn’t want too many people knowing we were together right away, especially when we were fighting for the same account. We didn’t want other competitors thinking he let me win, I won that account fair and square.

    “What time will you be done tonight?”

    “Oh, for you, I could probably get away from here around six, how’s that?”

    “I can work with six. The usual place. You know just thinking of seeing you later has my dick throbbing. You’re lucky I didn’t see you last night, I can’t fucking wait to get my hands on you.” His voice turns gravelly—it’s how he sounds when we have sex—and I feel it all the way through to my core. “I have to sit around with a hard-on now and I have a meeting. Thanks, Rae.” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

    “I did nothing. Enjoy your meeting, baby. See you later.” I whisper the last bit and blow him a kiss. Putting down the receiver, I sit back and sigh, smiling to myself like a fool.

    I’m not the kind of woman to fall head over heels for a guy, but Everett is different. Not that I’m falling for him at all, because I’m not, but he accepts me for the person I am. He knows what I like; he’s cool with me being as powerful as him on a professional level. There aren’t many guys around who can cope with that.

    The knocking on my door drags me from my Everett haze. I meet Steven’s gaze through the glass, and nod for him to enter.

    “HR has gathered a list of around fifty applicants.” He hands over the list as he reaches me and I flick my gaze over the long list of names before passing it back with an agreeable nod.

    “Okay. Go through it, shorten it, do the interviews, and let me know the top five.”