The Tycoon's Unexpected Baby by Elizabeth Lennox

The woman had been the complete opposite of his normal female companions.

Dimitri realized that the speaker had stopped, and the whole room was silent. Everyone waiting for his reaction. Unfortunately, he’d been too distracted to remember what the hell the meeting was about!

“I’ll get back to you,” he snapped, furious with himself. He’d lost his concentration and now he had no idea what the man had been presenting for the last fifteen minutes.

Dimitri wasn’t going to admit that to the meeting participants though. He had a reputation as being a true bastard when it came to business. If he admitted that he’d been entranced…and yes, that was the only word to describe it…if anyone knew that some butterfly-like woman had distracted him from this meeting…the press would hound her. They would hunt her down and reveal her secrets to the world. His competition would revel in the news that Dimitri could be distracted by a woman who stopped to smell flowers!

With disgust, he walked out of the meeting, straightening his immaculate cuffs distractedly.

Pepper jerked at the sound of someone calling out. When a tall, thin man with a frantic look about him waved, she stopped and smiled. “Are you talking to me?” she asked, trying to place the man. She met many people in her line of business, but she was absolutely horrible with names.

“Yes! Hold on…” he gasped, coming to a stop beside her and bracing his hands on his knees. He took in huge gulps of air as he tried to slow his breathing.

Pepper noticed that his tie was askew, but considering how frazzled the man seemed, she didn’t bother to mention it.

“How can I help you?” she asked politely, praying that she hadn’t forgotten his name.

Straightening, he took one more lung-full of oxygen, then smiled politely. “My employer wanted to get your contact information,” he explained, then brought his pen and notebook forward, waiting expectantly.

Pepper pulled back, surprised by such a request. “My contact information?” she repeated. “Um…why?”

The man seemed just as confused as she was. “He…” he trailed off helplessly for a moment before rallying. “My employer is Dimitri Bosalis,” he concluded, and waited, his pen still poised.

Pepper waited for more information, but when the slight man just looked expectantly at her, she shook her head, still confused. “I’m sorry, but should I know this Bosalis fellow? His name doesn’t…” she paused. “Wait. Didn’t Bosalis Industries just buy that big pharmaceutical company last month?”

The thin man smiled, relieved that Pepper recognized his employer’s name. “Yes! Yes, that was him. It was a complicated buy out and I was thrilled when everything finally came together. My employer worked very hard on that deal. The company will be profitable once Mr. Bosalis fixes the issues in the management chain. Plus, the company’s components will work well with many of his other companies.”

Pepper nodded, not sure what to say. Obviously, the man was proud of his employer’s endeavors, but Pepper hadn’t approved of the takeover. From what she’d read, it had been expensive and a lot of people would eventually lose their jobs because of “redundancy” or some other stupid sanitized business term that basically equated to layoffs.

“That’s wonderful for you and your employer,” she stated carefully, not wanting to offend anyone. She glanced at her watch. “If you will excuse me, I’m late for a meeting.”

With that she hitched her tote bag higher onto her shoulder, and carefully stepped around the thin man who looked too stunned to speak. Perhaps this Bosalis fellow was a hard task master, or maybe he just needed to eat more. The guy looked extremely pale. Did the Bosalis guy ever let his employees out into the sunshine?

“But…!” the guy tried, then snapped his mouth shut when she waved to him.

“I have to go!” she replied, smiling as she hurried across the concrete courtyard. Pepper didn’t know him and didn’t think she wanted to have anything to do with his employer. The whole interaction seemed a bit creepy.

Turning the corner, Pepper lifted her cell phone and typed a message to her sisters. “Creepy Bosalis employee wants my contact information. Seriously? Would anyone just give out information to a stranger?”

Immediately, Rayne, the middle of the Abbot sisters, replied back with, “That sounds weird. Get away from the guy now!”

“I’m on it,” Pepper texted back. “I’m already in the building for my next meeting. Love you guys!”