I Have to Have Her by Sam Crescent

“I know you,” he said.

Knowing this was Gabriel and not some thief, she offered him her best dazzling smile.


The way he said her name was filled with contempt.


“I don’t recall giving you permission to walk around in your underwear.” He glanced over at the mess she’d made.

“Gabriel, what the hell are you doing?” Rhianna said.

Slowly, he let her go. He hadn’t grabbed her too tightly to leave a mark. His gaze focused on her black eye and he stepped back.

“I was giving your friend a welcome,” he said.

“Yeah, well, most people tend to do that with a shaking of the hand, or saying hi. Claire, so sorry about my brother.” Rhianna glanced down at her and smiled.

She held her hands up. “I thought you said he was never home.”

“I come home every single night. It’s after two,” Gabriel said. He nudged her away from the fridge and she stepped into the yogurt, nearly falling over but his arms captured her before she hit the ground.

She quickly stood up, trying to gain her footing before she took a tumble again. There was a towel on the kitchen counter and she used it to wipe her foot. “I’ll just clean this mess up.” She got on her hands and knees and started on the spilled yogurt, very much aware of his gaze on her.

Could their first impression have been any worse?

“You two better learn to place nice,” Rhianna said.

“I don’t play nice.”

Gabriel didn’t linger. He grabbed his beer and left. She watched him go, breathing out when he finally left.

“What were you doing?” Rhianna asked.

“I was hungry. I didn’t think he’d be back. When did he get so…?”

“Asshole brotherly?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She was thinking sexy, hot, and dangerous, but she wasn’t going to speak those words aloud. Rhianna hated it when people wanted to date her brother rather than be friends with her. It was a sore point and seeing as she’d never really liked Gabriel, Claire had promised her best friend to never date him. To not have anything to do with him.

But wow, the man was … different.

“Don’t worry. He’s harmless and he’ll help you out. Maybe we could ask him to keep an eye on Tony. He could help get your money or some of your possessions back.”

“I doubt it. Seeing as I’m staying here for free, I don’t want to ask for more than I already have.” She hated to be in anyone’s debt and she wasn’t about to start now.

Chapter Two

After his morning swim, Gabriel entered his apartment to the scent of coffee and food being cooked. Rhianna couldn’t cook and often resorted to takeout, so that left one person.

He stood in the doorway, watching Claire as she stood at his stove. Her long, brown hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, the natural curls all bound up. Today, she wore shorts that were too tight for her, so he knew they came from Rhianna, and one of his shirts.

“Don’t you have any clothes now, either?” he asked.

He’d noticed her shapely legs and body. Even last night as he had her back pressed up against him, the curves of her ass nestled quite nicely against his dick.

She turned around and he saw she was listening to music again but this time, only had one earbud in.

“Huh?” She glanced down at herself and he noted the deep blush of her cheeks. “Oh, yeah, er, my landlord decided to throw all my stuff out on the street. I’m going to be doing the laundry today. Rhianna lent me these.”

He stepped up close and he touched his shirt at her waist. “This wasn’t hers to give.” She smelled like vanilla. He didn’t like that flavor in anything.

Her lips were nice and plump. He could imagine them wrapped around his cock as he fucked her mouth.

Claire had turned into a beautiful woman, there was no denying that. One he had no intention of tasting or touching.

“Do you want it back?” she asked.

Her nipples were pressed against the front of the shirt and she sounded breathless. He got to her too. Nice to know.

“Not right now. I think a little modesty is in order.”

“From what I heard about you, you don’t believe in modesty.” Her cheeks were pink as she spun back to the stove.

He couldn’t resist. Stepping up close behind her, he put his lips right next to her ear. “You’re right. I’m used to having women parade naked around me. Now, Claire, you’ve got me curious. What have you heard about me?”