The Sacrifice by Jessica Gadziala

"It is worth a shot," she suggested, chin lifting up.

"Fine. Fuck it. Let's go."


"Yes, now. Do you have something better to do today? Start a tornado, maybe?" I asked, reaching down to grab her wrist, yanking her up onto her feet, getting a glare for my efforts.

"Maybe I will. Direct it right through this house. Take you and your evil friends out."

"You could try, witch. But not even you can kill us."

"Lenore," she said, grudgingly following behind me as I made my way to the stairs.


"My name. It's Lenore. I don't want to be called 'witch' in that way."

That was rich.

"It's cute that you think I give a fuck what you want," I shot back, pushing open the door to the main floor of the house even as I rolled her name around in my head. Lenore. It was pretty. Classic. I liked it more than I had any right to, especially since she was a fucking witch.

"What the hell is this?" Drex asked as we walked past the study where he was reaching once again for the bottle.

We couldn't get drunk.

Not the way humans could.

We could feel a certain sizzle.

But more than that, Drex was attracted to the burn. He said it reminded him of home.

"She thinks a shower might make her less sad," I said, rolling my eyes.

"You said bath," Lenore shot back, stopping in her tracks, folding her arms over her chest.

"Hey, Ly, you have a bath in your bedroom, don't you?" Drex asked, smirking, enjoying the hell out of this, apparently.

"Fine, you'll get your bath," I agreed, waving an arm up the stairs, watching as she moved up first. "Tell Minos to stop feeding her 'flesh,'" I told Drex. "Apparently, that makes her sad as well."

"Fucking witches," he said, shaking his head.

"I know," I agreed before following Lenore up the stairs.

"How big is this home?" the witch asked as we walked down the hall on the second floor.

"Don't know. Twelve-thousand square feet. Something like that."

"What could you ever need so much space for?"

"If you don't like the extra space, I'd be happy to toss your ass back in the basement."

She didn't respond to that, save for murmuring under her breath. But I couldn't make out the words.

"This room," I said, waving her into my bedroom. "Through there," I told her, nodding toward the open bathroom door. "No," I called when she went to close the door behind her. "You have to leave the door open." Her eyes blazed at that, her jaw getting tight. "Can't risk you trying to jump out the window, can we? Then we'd have to go back and take one of the other witches. Your mother, maybe," I suggested, enjoying the rage spreading across her face.

Her chin jerked up higher as she stood right there in the doorway, reaching up to undo the tie on her cloak, pushing it back off her shoulders.

I was frozen in the spot as her hands reached down, gathering the skirt of her dress, pulling it upward, baring her slender legs.

My cock stiffened as she kept drawing up the hem, exposing her naked pussy. I guess witches didn't wear underthings. My cock throbbed at that realization even as her hands kept pulling up the dress, showing the soft curve of hip, the slope of her smooth stomach. Then, finally, the swell of her breasts with their pink nipples just begging to be sucked and nipped.


My cock was throbbing for release as she jerked her chin even higher, then turned away, her round ass bouncing as she made her way to the bath, lowering herself down to hide herself before she figured out the faucets.

Witches didn't have running water in the woods.

"Oh!" she said a moment later when, I figured, she found the hot tap.

Then she let out a low, groaning sound as the water started to fill.

I shifted my position so that I could see the mirror over the sink, showing me the reflection of the witch as she leaned backward in the tub, reaching for a bar of soap in a dish that the old housekeeper must have put there.

The witch soaped it up in her hands then ran them down her body, circling over her breasts.

"Fuck," I hissed, reaching down to work my button and zipper free, then inside to free my hard cock, watching the witch bathe herself as I stroked, fantasizing about getting a taste of that sweet-smelling pussy, and feeling her wetness and tight walls around my cock.