Seduced by the Sheik (The Raminar Family Book 1) by Elizabeth Lennox

The food called to her next and she filled a plate with the spicy, unfamiliar dishes. “Oh, this is excellent!” she sighed. When she’d eaten enough to ease the gnawing hunger, she put the plate down as her exhaustion overwhelmed her. She was clean and her stomach was full, so instead of worrying about the dishes and getting the extra food back to the kitchen, she padded barefoot to the bed and collapsed into the pile of satin pillows, pulling one close to her stomach. A moment later, she was sound asleep.

Amit stepped through the doors, scanning the room, looking for the good doctor. For the past several hours, his concentration had been shattered. The image of the lovely woman who had dared to poke his chest and berate him for…hell, he couldn’t even remember what she’d been yelling at him about. Initially, he’d been too astounded by her beauty. Then he’d been shocked that she’d dared to yell at him. No one yelled at him and the fact that she dared only increased her beauty. Why the hell had he liked that?

Perhaps because she’d been so lovely. Despite the dark circles, her cat-like, sapphire eyes glowed. That mouth couldn’t be the mouth of a celebrated psychologist, he’d thought. That mouth belonged on a stripper! Or maybe a high priced call girl. Doctor Harper Ross was…gorgeous! She’d hidden her figure behind a frumpy white shirt and severely cut dark slacks, but add in a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and the good doctor could have taken the place of any actress in a porn movie! Her gorgeous blond hair had been pulled back into what might have been a sophisticated twist, but the hours traveling had caused several tendrils to slip out. Add in the softly smudged mascara around those startling blue eyes and the heart shaped face, full, red lips and her voluptuous body, and…!

When he found her, he froze, tensing as if he were about to step into battle. She was lying on the bed, surrounded by pillows. The terrycloth robe had parted to reveal long, shapely legs that were angled against the satin sheets a la Marilyn Monroe. As his gaze moved up those shockingly long legs, he spotted a shadow at the edge of the neckline. His fingers itched to move the edges of the robe apart, to spread her out and examine her body in more detail. She was sultry, even in her sleep.

With a muttered curse, Amit turned on his heel and walked out. He wasn’t a voyeur and watching a sleeping woman, no matter how beautiful, was wrong. He hadn’t meant to invade her privacy. He’d meant only to talk to her, discuss her assignment, and perhaps introduce her to his nieces so that she could evaluate their behavior and give him a plan to bring their smiles back.

Instead, he found himself in awe of her beauty. With a resigned sigh, he returned to his office, determined to get some work done. Unfortunately, the vision of her asleep on the bed lingered behind his eyes and his body tightened with awareness. Another curse and he turned, startling his guards, as he headed towards the gym. He needed a good workout to get those images out of his mind.

Chapter 2

Harper stepped out of the luxurious suite, tugging her brown jacket straight. Having slept for twelve hours and devouring a delicious breakfast that had been delivered to her room, she was more in control and ready to tackle her assignment.

Her next issue was figuring out how to begin her assignment.

The hallway outside of her suite was long and empty. She wondered where to find someone who could explain her assignment. Harper knew that, due to her research on grief in small children, she was here in Izara to help two girls who had lost their parents suddenly. But…where would one find these girls?

Because of the urgency of this assignment, she hadn’t had time to do much research on this country. She knew that it was powerful in the region, as well as in the international economy, but she wasn’t one to follow the news that closely. She read articles about psychology, about sociology and medicine, keeping abreast of the latest studies in her field. On any given day, Harper read through the larger headlines to find out what was happening in the world, but she preferred to focus on issues closer to her home as well as issues pertaining to her patients or her students and the classes she taught at the university.

“Oh, for the familiar comfort of my normal routines,” she whispered under her breath.

Instead of hibernating in her room for a few more hours, Harper straightened her shoulders, looked around, then decided to go right. Thankfully, she ran into a servant a few minutes later. “Excuse me,” she called out, hoping that the servant spoke English. She knew a smattering of Arabic, but not enough to communicate clearly.