Seduced by the Sheik (The Raminar Family Book 1) by Elizabeth Lennox

No. Unfortunately, this weekend was too important. Tensions between Padar and Izara had been simmering for decades and Gaelen needed to focus on hammering out some sort of agreement with the neighboring country. It was just the first step, but the hatred he felt for Sheik Santo was intense. They’d hated each other for so long, the animosity ran deep. If it was up to him, Gaelen would have told Santo to go to hell.

But logically, Gaelen knew that this move was the right thing for his people. It was what was best for the economy and the right move politically.

What Gaelen needed to accomplish was to ensure that the bastard Santo didn’t take advantage of his people anymore. The tariffs the ass had imposed on goods and services over the past few years had hurt the economies of several cities along the border with Padar. And he was sick of the pointless fighting, always instigated by the people of Padar who thought it was okay to….

Gaelen stopped the thought in it’s tracks, taking a deep breath to calm his sudden fury. Hell, he didn’t want to negotiate with Padar! He wanted to crush them. He wanted to look Santo in the eye and crush his bastard-soul into the dirt!

Scott was talking but Gaelen had tuned him out, needing to see his whiskey-haired waitress again. Looking around, he realized that the crowd had thinned. The post-work crowd had moved off, heading to their homes and their families. In about an hour, the dinner crush would begin and the bar would fill up with diners waiting for their table in the restaurant below. But right now, there was a lull and he spotted the pretty woman leaning against the bar, laughing with the bartender.

She must have sensed his gaze because her body stiffened and she glanced towards him. Once again, their gazes locked and he felt it. That zing. Like some sort of electric current. She felt it too, her mouth softening, her eyes lightening and, if he wasn’t mistaken, her whole body shifted, turning slightly towards him even as she continued to lean on the bar.

Someone walked between them and the connection was lost. Gaelen turned, struggling to pay attention to Scott. It was rude of him and he knew it, trying to push the woman out of his mind. He’d get to her later. Perhaps he’d dine with her. Yes, that could work, he thought. Dinner would allow him to get to know her better.

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