Heart of the Vampire : (Episode 3) by Tasha Black

She told him about Hugh Channing asking Tyler Park to be in The King and I, and she let him know about Oscar being one of the last ones out, saying something about oversleeping.

She hoped she wouldn’t have to tell him about Viktor.

Viktor had been outside, but he had gone in to grab her gloves for her. That might raise some suspicion.

“What about the victim?” Wagner asked. “Was he outside at all that night?”

“Not that I remember,” Dru said.

“And Johnny Smith?” Wagner asked.

“I did see him outside,” Dru told him. “But he was around the front of the building, near the lobby, smoking.”

“This was after everyone else was out?” Wagner asked.

“Yes. Wait, no,” Dru corrected herself. “Oscar came out while I was talking to Johnny.”

“What were you talking to him about?” Wagner asked.

“Binoculars, for the comet,” Dru said.

Wagner wrote it all down.

She hoped she hadn’t forgotten anything, or remembered it in the wrong order. But she didn’t see what the big deal was. They knew exactly who the murderer was, and he was still on the loose somewhere nearby.

“Who discovered the victim?” Wagner asked.

Dru thought back but wasn’t sure.

“We all sort of went inside at once when the storm picked up,” she explained. “It was just a big mass of people rushing inside. There was a scream when someone discovered him - maybe Mayor Tuck? And then all of us discovered him.”

“How did you determine that he was deceased?” Wagner asked.

“One of the guests, Tyler Park, is an EMT,” Dru said. “He took his pulse and told us he was dead.”

Wagner nodded.

“So you say that you took photographs of the crime scene and questioned everyone?” Wagner asked.

“That was Hugh Channing’s idea,” she said. “He played a detective in a play once, and had done some research at that time. He said we had to make sure the scene was safe and then record as much evidence as possible without anyone moving or interfering with anything.”

“Very good,” Wagner said, eyebrows raised. “What did you find?”

“There was a break in the blood spatter,” Dru explained. “We thought maybe someone’s shoe had gotten in the way. But we checked everyone’s shoes, and they were all clean.”

“Interesting,” he said, making another note. “Anything else?”

“Not much,” Dru admitted. “But we did take tons of pictures of the victim before we moved him.”

“I’ll need to see the body,” Wagner said. “Where is it?”

“We, uh, wrapped him in the rug that used to be right there,” Dru said, pointing at the bare floor. “And carried him down to the catacombs. It’s cold down there.”

“Very good,” Wagner said. “We’ll take a look at that shortly. And I’ll want to see the photos.”

“They’re here, on Channing’s phone,” Dru said, handing it over.

“So you questioned everyone,” Wagner said, taking the phone but not checking it. “I’ll want to see the notes as well, but did anything of interest come up?”

“Not really anything about the crime itself, but Hazel and Honey, the two ladies in the Amethyst Room, they had noticed something about Brian,” she said. “And, wow, about Johnny too, now that I think about it.”

“What’s that?” Wagner asked.

“They said they hated seeing that element back at the Hemlock House,” she said. “They said something about not liking to see them back here. Of course at the time I was only thinking about the victim, but I wonder if they noticed something about Johnny too.”

“What did they mean by that element,” Wagner asked.

“They meant the mob,” Dru said. “They were here back in the sixties when all that was still going on.”

“How did they know the victim was in the mob?” Wagner asked.

“They said he was always tipping people and always looking over his shoulder,” Dru said, realizing it sounded weak.

Wagner frowned and nodded at the same time, writing it all down.

“Then Channing and I searched the victim’s room and found his phone,” Dru said, feeling a little squeamish about sharing the next part.

“Were you able to open it?” Wagner asked.