My Christmas Doctor : A Holiday Medical Romance by Stephanie Brother


Medical thriller author Jane Adams is used to writing about doctors and nurses who save lives, but she never expected her own life would be on the line. When she develops a heart condition, the people she usually goes to for assistance with her writing are the ones now helping ensure her survival—including the hunky cardiologist Brian Chase.

Brian knows better than to get involved with a patient. Dedicated and hard-working, his primary focus is getting Jane healthy…but that doesn’t stop him from noticing how beautiful she is or from flirting with her while he oversees her recovery. It’s only a matter of time before their professional relationship ends, and when it does, pursuing her is very much on the table.

But just as things heat up, their new personal relationship is in peril from multiple fronts. Disgruntled exes and meddling families keep reminding them they are from two very different worlds with different sets of expectations and realities.

Will Jane be left trying to heal a broken heart while writing a story with no happy ending, or can a small-town author who has been burned before find love with the wealthy doctor of her dreams?

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Chapter 1



The city appeared alive as people of various ages bustled down the sidewalks. Some in their designer jeans and winter coats with earmuffs of fluff over their ears, holding shopping bags and scrolling through their phones with their tech friendly gloves, while others were dressed in business attire and long coats, carrying briefcases, or in scrubs poking out from under bulky heavy coats, as they headed to or from the local hospital in the early evening sunlight, which gave everyone and everything a reddish orange glow. Cars — mostly those big yellow taxies — zipped down the street, zigging and zagging through traffic trying to make it to the next intersection before everyone else. It was loud and comforting in that big city vibe kind of way and I enjoyed it as I sat at my desk, ten stories up looking down at them as I attempted to work on my next novel.

I'd been successful so far, well enough that I could move to New York City from Akron, Ohio. Now I just had to maintain my success and produce another NYT best seller, and I'd be able to afford another year or two here in this amazing city. It didn't matter what time of day I sat down to write because the city was always busy. People were always out, shopping, going to restaurants, clubs, work, and who knew what else. It made me feel like I was part of something grand, being here.

It was all so different from Akron. Granted Akron wasn't exactly small, there were nearly two-hundred-thousand people living there, and it was the fifth largest city in Ohio, but compared to New York City? There were literally eight-million more people here than in Akron. So many people to observe, to create stories about… that's what I did. I loved to people watch and create stories for them. Some of them I turned into actual books, like the one I was working on now.

It was another medical thriller. I'd seen a man, a doctor I'd presumed in my head, headed into New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, and come up with my new main character. Dr. Phillip Cantor, a surgeon and amateur detective. Like the man I'd seen, he was tall, with broad shoulders, short-cropped blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He was in his late thirties and had never married, though he never lacked for dates. I liked the idea of him being single and waiting for the perfect Mrs. Right.

As I sat, pondering my new plot, my phone rang. Normally, I'd set it to mute, but I'd forgotten to do that and now it was begging for me to answer it. I knew who it was by the ringtone, but I wasn't sure I wanted to answer it. She was only going to badger me to move back to Ohio. Like I hadn't been home to visit for Christmas two months ago. However, if I didn't answer, she'd just call back continuously until I answered.

Sighing, I scooped up my phone from the table and answered. "Hello, Mom."

"Janie! Finally, I thought you'd never pick up the phone, it nearly went to voicemail. Are you okay? Have you been attacked? I know there are a bunch of gangs and criminals in New York City, I worry—"