... and Forever (Next Generation : Chaos Bleeds Book 1) by Sam Crescent


The night that changed it all

Tabitha stood in the freezing cold. It had been a week since Simon killed Ryan. A week since he took the gun, pointed it in his face, and didn’t just shoot once, but multiple times.

There was no doubt Devil had arranged for his best friend Dean to come and take him. Lash had sat her down with her father and they’d discussed why Simon killing Ryan was a problem. Their association with the Billionaire Bikers MC, as well as with the law, meant they couldn’t just hide the body. Arrangements needed to be made, deals done. War stopped.

She wrapped her arms around herself and glanced down the street. The text message had been cryptic and had come from an unknown number. She’d known it was Simon. Knew deep in her heart he was coming for her.

They were meant for each other. She stared down at the ring on her finger that claimed her as his.

Tears spilled down her cheeks as she thought about everything that had gone down in less than a month. Anthony helping her. Daisy’s arms surrounding her as she tried to sleep. She’d given her best friend a black eye as she’d woken up terrified, and when she’d lashed out, Daisy had no choice but to restrain her.

She hated it.

Hated her life.

The only sure thing for her right now was the message that asked her to be here. The one piece of salvation she’d experienced.

The sound of a motorcycle had her tensing up. She expected it to be Anthony or her nephew Simon, but it wasn’t. It was her man.

He was alone. Gone was the Chaos Bleeds leather cut marking him as one of theirs. In that instant, she knew he was different. Staring at him now, Tabitha knew she’d lost Simon. Lost that part of him that made him part of her.

He turned the bike off and threw his leg over the side, coming toward her. She didn’t move, watching him. Knowing he was different.

She’d heard her family, all of The Skulls talk about killing people. How it changed them, how you were never the same again. She figured they were all trying to sound normal. In their world, killing happened. It was part of who they were. They didn’t run from it. Looking at him now, she knew they hadn’t been lying. They just hadn’t delved into great detail about it.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” she said.

“No, it wasn’t.” He didn’t reach out to touch her.

She was tainted. Ryan had ruined her.

Staring at Simon, she wondered what to do.

There was a distance between them. This had never happened before. She kept on looking at Simon, waiting, but he stared at her.

Then he closed that distance, cupped her face. He stroked her cheeks. She promised herself she wouldn’t cry, but as he stared at her, she couldn’t help it. The pain was too much because she saw past the comfort, the touch. She knew Simon. They’d been kids, nothing more than children, then grew up into teenagers, and now, married, they were not just boy and girl. They were man and woman. Tears continued to fall down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry.”

“You’re giving up.”

“I’m not giving up. I’ll never give up. Not on you.”

“Then don’t go.”

Simon sighed. “I’ve got to go. There’s no way I can stay here, Tabby.”

“Then you’re giving up.”

“I want to kill every last one of them.” He paused. “You see, if I stay here, I want to slaughter them. I want to wipe them out like the Savage Brothers were. If I stay here, I can’t be put in control of what I do.” He took a breath.

She saw it.

The murder.

The rage.

If she begged him, he would stay, she knew that. She’d lose him though. Everything that made Simon who he was would be gone. He’d be on a quest to take on an entire MC club, removing himself from ever becoming the Chaos Bleeds President, taking his father’s place.

“We promised each other forever. That’s the way it has always been right from the beginning.” She couldn’t take it from him. Wanting him with her was selfish. She couldn’t do it. Leaning forward, she kissed his cheek and took a step back.

Inside, she broke apart, shattered. The pain was unlike anything she had ever felt. She’d been to hell and back more than once, but she couldn’t handle this.

Simon stepped back.

She kept on looking at him through tears. He was blurred.

He got on his bike and she stood, waiting.