A Touch of Violet by Kira Roman

Author Note

This story contains adult sexual content and mature language. This book is intended for readers eighteen years and over. This is a Standalone Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance. This is also a HEA guaranteed story.

For Punk, and Jack Sparrow.

I hope you’re living out your POTC fantasy somewhere. One year without you has been bullshit. Miss you bitch.

“Just jump in the pool, Vi!” I’m clutching the towel tightly around my body, trembling slightly. Why did I have to put on this stupid bikini? The air is warm, but my nerves are getting the best of me.

Mom and Dad bought me a pool for my sixteenth birthday, so I feel like I need to make the most of their gift. I think they feel bad for ditching me and Jason a couple of years ago. As if money replaces love. The pool is built into the ground and is pretty big. Having a lot of money, and material items, doesn’t make you a good parent though, and once my brother turned fourteen, they practically disappeared. They said we were old enough to take care of ourselves, and needed to take the opportunity to work. I guess running a finance company is just more important than raising the kids you chose to have... It’s not as if they had been spending a lot of time with us before that though.

Jason is already in the pool, along with my best friend Katie. Kat spends so much time here, she’s like a sister to me. I'd be lost in life without the two of them. Her mom is horrible. She spends all her time hopping from man to man, leaving Katie to fend for herself. Katie doesn’t like to talk about it, but I know it hurts her. At least she has me, and even Jason who drives her crazy more often than not. I know they care for each other, even if they are always at each other's throats.

“Shut up, Jason!” Katie snaps at my brother, splashing him. She's already annoyed with him, and I don’t even know why. I’m not sure she even knows why. He reaches over and dunks her under the water as a response, laughing at her feeble attempt to fight him off. When she breaks back through the surface she wipes her eyes and screams at him. He gives her his signature side grin, and his dimples peek out before he splashes her once again. She lets out a frustrated scream and swims to the pool's edge.

At the worst possible moment, with me still standing on the pool's edge feeling vulnerable, my neighbors Luke and Logan storm into the yard and cannonball into the pool. The twins didn’t even bother to put shirts on before heading over here. They’re basically animals. They’re my brother’s best friends, and they drive me completely crazy. They have identical blue eyes and brown hair, sun-kissed tan skin, and grins that could melt hearts. If only they didn’t make me want to stab them in the eyeball with a rusty knife. If I had a mortal enemy, it would be these two jerks. Seriously, there are no two people on this earth who annoy me more than the Hayes twins. Not even Jason gets under my skin like those two.

As I stand there, staring off into space, I remember when we were twelve years old, and Katie and I were trying to put makeup on for the first time.

“No, not like that! If you use too much pink, you’ll look like a weirdo,” Katie says, passing me a tissue to wipe the shadow off my eyelids.

“Why is this so hard?” I huff, as I scrub at my face for the tenth time today.

“You look weird!” Luke says, running into the room and throwing a water balloon at my head. Fortunately, it bounces off me and explodes on the floor.

“Logan!” Katie yells, but I interrupt her.

“That’s Luke. Now get out of my room, you big jerk!” I scream at him, chasing him with my hairbrush. He laughs as he retreats into the hall. As soon as I get to the door I see Logan standing there, bent at the waist laughing. “I hate you so much!” I scream in frustration. Jason comes out of his room and looks at my face, frowning.

“What’s all over your eyes, Vi?” Jason asks, and the twins laugh harder. “Makeup? I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to look…”

“AHH!” I yell and turn to run back into my room. Logan catches my hand.

“Don’t be mad, VeeVee, we’re just teasing…” He says, with a stupid smirk still on his face.

“I’m not! You look like a peacock!” Jason laughs. I yank out of Logan’s grip and run back into my room, slamming the door in their faces.

I’m snapped out of the memory when their older brother Grayson steps into the yard. He’s wearing black swim trunks and a tank top that shows off his muscled arms. Maggie’s trailing behind him. Her long black hair is up in a bun, and she has a small bikini on under a sheer cover. They’ve been together for like six years. Whenever I see them together, he can’t keep his hands off of her. She always seems to enjoy it, and little shards of jealousy spike in my heart when I see it.