White House Affair : An Enemies to Lovers Romance by Sarah J. Brooks

Chapter 1

His View

She was out celebrating something; I’m not sure what it was. I watched as her friends bought her drink after drink throughout the night. Her stature getting more and more unsure of itself as the alcohol took hold of her.

It didn’t look like she spent much time drinking. She surely didn’t look like she could hold her liquor very well.

I was just going to watch from afar. No intention of talking to her. I couldn’t risk it. There was too much going on in my life and the last thing I needed was a picture of me out with a young thing like her.

My jaw clenched when some frat boy pulled her away from her friends to dance. His hands moved quickly to the roundness of her ass, but she pulled them up to her waist. She smiled at him though, there was a desire in her eyes.

My eyes stayed glued to her body as she moved against him. She was small compared to his big football stature. Her petite waist cinched tight by a belt over what looked like a men’s button-up dress shirt. I had never seen a dress shirt look so enticing.

Three buttons were opened on the top and exposed the fringe of a white lace bra. Her voluptuous breasts just begged for attention and oh was the frat boy giving her the attention she desired. His eyes hardly looked at her and instead spent their time glaring at the mounds as she danced around.

The alcohol had given her the freedom to move around the dance floor without inhibition. It was a delight to see. Except she did so with the meat-head football star instead of someone experienced like myself, that was the downfall of the moment.

But I couldn’t be seen out with some young college girl on my week home from D.C., the press would have a field day with that picture. Oh, yes, I had made my fair share of mistakes when it came to women. I had been pictured with a married woman, a fellow Senator, and even a hot young actress. I couldn’t make those mistakes anymore. I had a plan to stick to and a woman like her would surely distract me from my political goals.

I needed to find a woman that I could date and she would help the people feel more confident in me. Yes she had to be beautiful, but she also had to be politically minded enough to see the end game. In politics that might mean seeing five or even ten years down the road.

Her ass.

That damn ass kept teasing as she moved around to the music.

The dress shirt was short. So fucking short that every now and then I could see her ass cheek as it peeked out from under it. She either didn’t have panties on at all, or they were tiny g-string panties that barely covered her important parts.

Why the hell was she dancing with such an inexperienced kid?

A woman like her needed a man, not a boy.

His hands groped her like a plaything and she just let him. Her face was flush from the alcohol and I watched as she looked around for her friends. They were gone. Some kind of friends she had. They had just left her dancing with a strange guy.

As her football dance partner continue to grab and grope her, my delicious sweet assed girl finally got tired of him and pushed him away. Good girl I thought to myself. You don’t need to settle for a jerk like that. She didn’t need to settle for anyone. I hated to see young women so willing to give themselves to jerks. Even though I sometimes was that jerk they gave themselves to. I had the knowledge to treat them right and the wisdom they needed. It was never a loss if they spent the night with me.

Finally, she had some sense.

I watched as she looked around the club for her friends some more. She finally found a couple of them near the bar. They hugged and seemed to be congratulating her, but she didn’t stay long. As she made her way out of the club to the street, I followed her. She looked so innocent, so lost, so out of place for downtown Chicago.

She shouldn’t have been walking around in that area in that outfit. It was dangerous.

Her View

I landed my dream job. It was quite the celebratory night with my friends. We went to dinner after work and then out to the club. My friends from the bookstore were insanely awesome.

It took four years of college and finally landing my dream job before I ever loosened up on a night out with them. It was worth celebrating, though; I had just heard I got the position with Senator Storm’s office in Washington D.C.

A job in Washington right out of college was insane. No one got that! But I did. My perfect grades, charity work and involvement in the college had won me the interview. I almost threw up before my Skype call with Phillip Warren the week before.

Phillip was the Chief of Staff for Senator Storm and pretty much my only way into the job. Luckily for me the stars aligned and Phillip liked me and my work ethic. He seemed amused that I had two part-time jobs, went to school full-time and still found time for my charity work. I didn’t go into how crappy my life would be if I didn’t work so damn hard. Working hard was my only outlet.