The Christmas Rebound : A Gay Rom-Com by Seth King






It’s Christmas Eve, and Harry just dumped his boyfriend James after he denied his sexuality – and their relationship – in front of James’ entire family at their annual holiday party.

When Harry agreed to come home with James to meet his family for Christmas, he had no idea James had never come out to his family – and after a week of pretending to be James’ “straight roommate,” Harry finally snapped.

All Harry wants to do is get out of James’ hometown forever – until he gets a message from James’ ex-boyfriend Dex, whom he’d bonded with earlier that week at a holiday party:

I know this might be weird and wrong, but I don’t want you to leave yet. I felt something this week – and I know you did, too. Now that you’re single. Please meet me for a drink. Please stay in town.

Harry knows it would be risky. And dangerous. And, quite possibly, very dramatic. He turns around anyway…

And steps into a gay Christmas wonderland with the guy of his dreams.

As the snow falls outside the tiny gay bar and the drag queens belt out Mariah onstage, Harry and Dex discover that their initial spark did indeed hint at the powerful connection that is now blooming between them…

But Dex is still the ex-boyfriend of the guy Harry dumped an hour ago. Do rebounds ever work at all? And can you really forge a future with someone so tied up in the same past you’d like to forget forever?

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“Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it is Christmas.”

-Dale Evans

For Jena


Christmas Eve night, 2021

So there is a sex position I like to call “I just got pregnant.”

Not pregnant in the literal sense, obviously, since I’m a biological dude, and everything.

But like, emotionally pregnant. You know what I mean.

It’s when you’re doing it in missionary and the guy gets really into the moment and throws your legs over your shoulders, leans into your body, and fucks you so deep and so hard, your hips lift off the bed and your bodies become one and well, you get pregnant. But like I said, emotionally.

With his love.

And his cock.

I’m thinking about this because a guy is doing it to me right now, as we speak. Like, legs in the air, chest against mine, his tongue in my mouth, his sweat dripping onto me, his cock nearly hitting my stomach – the whole nine yards.

Outside, snow is falling. It’s Christmas Eve in the mountains, soft holiday music is playing via Sonos the background, and the fire is dying in the fireplace. On paper, this is perfection. Like, beyond perfection – it’s a fucking fantasy.

But in reality, it is a disaster.

Because Dex, the name of the guy currently getting me emotionally pregnant?

He happens to be the ex-boyfriend of James, the guy I dumped earlier today after one year together. Yes, I know that sounds insane. What makes it even more insane is that my then-boyfriend James caught me checking out Dex from across a holiday party earlier this week and said: “No. Absolutely not. No matter what happens between us, don’t ever do that. He was my first love, and it would kill me. Please.”

So…what did I do tonight, after I ended things with James? Naturally, I ran straight from the scene of our breakup into Dex’s arms.

Don’t get me wrong: is what I’m doing illegal? Hell, no. We’re two consenting adults, and James doesn’t own us.

But is it immoral?

Is it fair to James?

And will I look like a two-timing liar who was sneaking around with Dex the whole time, even though I wasn’t?

Those are all valid questions, too.

I mean, there’s a somewhat logical explanation for all this, don’t let me get ahead of myself. All we did was secretly get together earlier tonight immediately after I dumped our shared ex-boyfriend, and then got incredibly hot-and-heavy, in public, at a bar, despite the fact that James has a temper like Mount Saint Helens…