The Sheik's Scandal (The Raminar Family Book 3) by Elizabeth Lennox

He hadn’t looked for her tonight. In fact, just the opposite. His guards hadn’t been able to discover her identity earlier. It was almost as if she didn’t exist! No one at the hotel could tell them the identity of the woman with the dark hair and hazel eyes in the light, blue suit. She’d been stunning and tempting and…elusive.

After an intense day of back and forth with Prince Gaelen...and damn if Santos didn’t have a small bit of respect for the other guy now…he’d come to the nightclub in an effort to relax. A friend from college had opened the club a few months ago. Tonight had been the first opportunity to see it. Santos hadn’t anticipated that the silly women in the club would be drawn to his sense of isolation or whatever it was that lured them in. Perhaps he’d represented a challenge to them since he was simply standing here, sipping scotch and waiting for his friend to resolve some issue that had come up in the kitchen.

Sighing with irritation, he took another sip of the excellent scotch and wondered why he’d bothered to come tonight. The overhead lights were irritating and the music seemed to be a repetitive thumping that grew more irritating the longer it continued. Was there any deviation to the thudding sound? Was the person in charge of the music still here? Or had the guy simply set up an annoying, mechanical beat, then walked out, assuming that everyone in the club was too drunk to notice?

Coming here had been stupid idea, he now knew. He should have come to visit his friend during the day, before the lights had dimmed. But as he watched the mysterious woman walk down the stairs, Santos discarded his exasperation with the evening. She was coming towards him! The gorgeous woman from the hotel, the one that had been upstairs with her friends when he’d spotted her looking bored, had finally descended the stairs and was walking towards him! A serendipitous event, but one he wasn’t going to allow to slip away again.

“That’s her!” he snapped to his guards as she reached the bottom stair. She glanced over at him, almost as if she were tempted to come over to him. He watched her, willing her to do it, to come over and introduce herself. Even as he thought it, another woman slipped through his guards and plastered herself against him.

He gently pushed the woman away, trying to hide his disgust, and headed for the exit. That last look, he thought, had sealed her fate. He would find her, woo her, and seduce her until her body and mind were filled with pleasure. Then he would finally be able to get her out of his mind.

That was the plan, at least. The reality was that she was more elusive than he’d anticipated. By the time he’d extricated himself from the woman, slipped through the crowd, and made it to the door, she had disappeared once again.

“Damn it!” he growled, his hands fisting at his sides as he looked up and down the empty street. That was twice now that she’d slipped away.

“Go talk to her friends upstairs,” he ordered his guards in a deadly tone. “Find out who she is!”

Immediately, one of his guards headed back into the nightclub while the rest called for his driver. The limousine moved smoothly to the curb and Santos got in the back, still fuming that she’d gotten away.

Chapter 3

Talia smothered a yawn as she stepped into the back of the SUV the following morning. “Thank you,” she muttered to her guards and smiled at Rachel, who was already on her phone while typing madly on her laptop. As the SUV pulled away, maneuvering through the heavy downtown traffic, she thought of the mysterious man from yesterday. He’d been so…hard and…feral. Why did that one word keep coming to mind? What was it about him that made her think that he was like a caged, wild animal?

She smiled, shifting against the black, leather seat. He was feral, she thought. Her brothers were similar, but not quite as dangerous. At least, in her mind, her brothers weren’t dangerous. But she was their little sister and…okay, they got pretty “feral” when they thought she was doing anything dangerous.

Was that why she was so conservative? Was she trying to please her brothers, to keep them from worrying? Or was it just in her nature to be conservative? She didn’t like to think that. She wanted to be wild and crazy, daring and…!

Unfortunately, she simply wasn’t wild or crazy. She was mostly a homebody, loving her work as the head of public services for Izara. She liked being in bed at a reasonable hour. She liked sleep and routines and the company of her family more than going out at night to meet new people in the hope that they might be “the next best thing”.