Keeping The Biker by Glenna Maynard


~ To Brett~

My very own dream maker

Suggested Reading Order

The Biker’s Kiss

Lady & The Biker

Tempting The Biker

Keeping The Biker

The Biker’s Lucky Charm

Taken By The Biker


PROTECT: The club and your brothers come before anything else and must be protected at all costs. CLUB is FAMILY.

RESPECT: Earn it & Give it. Respect club law. Respect the patch. Respect your brothers. Disrespect a member and there will be hell to pay.

HONOR: Being patched in is an honor, not a right. Your colors are sacred, not to be left alone, and NEVER let them touch the ground.

OL’ LADIES: Never disrespect a member’s or brother’s Ol’Lady. PERIOD.


LOYALTY: Takes precedence over all, including well-being.

HONESTY: Never LIE, CHEAT, or STEAL from another member or the club.

TERRITORY: You are to respect your brother’s property and follow their Chapter’s club rules.

TRUST: Years to earn it...seconds to lose it.

NEVER RIDE OFF: Brothers do not abandon their family.

Keeping The Biker

Save the date. You’re invited to attend the wedding of Alexa and Murder, Royal Bastards MC style.

They said we’d never last. He was a married man. Off limits.

Now after all these years Murder is mine till death do us part. I’ll do anything to keep my motorcycle man. For him I risked it all and now comes the reward. His ink branded on my skin and his ring on my finger. Today is the first day of our forever.

Please note for best enjoyment the Charleston, WV Royal Bastards MC books should be read in order of release.

The Biker’s Kiss

Lady & The Biker

Tempting The Biker

Keeping The Biker

The Biker’s Lucky Charm

Taken By The Biker

Chapter One

“What’s wrong with my couch?” I stare James down.

“One, babe, it’s fuckin’ mustard yellow and reminds me of baby shit. Two, I don’t want to think about the possibility you might’ve fucked someone who wasn’t me on that ugly ass shit. Three, I want to spoil my woman with all new shit for our new place. Four, I don’t need any other reason, but if you need me to be convincing...” James grabs my ass, giving me a rough squeeze. “Why don’t you take these jeans off and let me get started on an early supper.”

“I mean, maybe you can persuade me to change my mind.” I smirk then kiss my man.

With his mouth still fused to mine, James maneuvers me onto the bed in his room at the clubhouse. He rolls over my body, pressing his weight down on me. “What ya got planned for tomorrow?”

“Mmm.” I stroke his furry jaw. “Nothing till dinner with Wylla and the girls.”

“Better not be no damn male strippers.”

“There could be. I don’t know what Pam planned.”

“Fuckin’ Pam,” he grumbles. “There’s gonna be naked men.”

“Well, there’s only one naked man I care about.” I slide my other hand along his bare shoulders. “Besides. You can’t tell me that you won’t have some clubwhore rubbing her shit all up on you.”

“They fuckin’ know better. Know I got me a fine piece of ass in my bed.” He grins and I scowl.

“Is that all I am?”

“Who said I was talkin’ ‘bout you?” He chuckles as I shove at his chest.

“You’re a real asshole.”

“Oh, pretty girl, you know I love it when you get mean and call me names. Makes me hard.” He thrusts his hips.

“Fuck off. Let me up.”

“Don’t think so.” My jerk of a man cups my breast. “Haven’t got to play with these yet.” He slides my shirt up over my bra and dips his head to capture one of my nipples with his mouth.

I bite my bottom lip because damn that does feel good, but then I remember I’m mad at him. “You’re cut off.”

“You gonna deny me of what’s mine?” he raises a brow giving me a funny look.

“Yup. I have stuff to do if you want me to marry you.”

“As if you have a choice.” James’s voice drops all husky and sexy.