Refuel (The Driven World) by Chiquita Dennie



I held my palm up, covering my eyes and blocking the sun out. I blinked once, twice, and remembered celebrating with Essence and Rylee last night. I looked down, noticing an arm across my waist, and I smirked. I looked over at the cutie, lightly snoring. I lifted his arm gently, moving it behind me as I eased out of the bed without making any noise. You would think the boy who had so much arrogance last night wouldn’t look so innocent while he slept. The room was trashed with bottles of champagne, dishes from us ordering room service, and clothes. The second we walked into his suite, our clothes were tossed around as we devoured each other. Venetian Hotel and Club was known for having high-profile guests and keeping transgressions out of the public. I grabbed my white slip dress off the floor, looking around for my bra and panties to put inside my purse. Peering under the bed, on top of the couch, and next to the window, I couldn’t find them, so I decided to grab my clutch purse and heels to leave. Checking myself out in the mirror, I didn’t look half bad for a girl who had a one-night stand. Deciding to leave a thank you note, I picked up the notepad and pen next to the bed and wrote Thanks, Kash, and placed it on top of the pillow for him to see. At first, he was an ass when he and his friends approached us, but my cockiness intrigued him. We ended up leaving to come up to his hotel suite. All the women threw themselves at him, and I couldn’t care less. It was about me enjoying myself with my girls and ultimately, the night turned out great and helped curb the six-month abstinence I unknowingly placed myself in from the lack of men I was interested in. Also, it didn’t help having brothers, a father, and a cousin who constantly ran off any man who tried to get close. They felt I had terrible choices in men, and I could give them one or two men who broke my heart, but that’s a part of life. Freddie broke up with me because of my family’s interference. Malik and Eddison Jr., my older brothers, picked at him about everything and intimidated him for dating someone who came from a high-profile family, and that wasn’t working. I couldn’t help the fact that my cousin was Jackson Pierce, owner and CEO of Pierce Motors. The Pierce family didn’t apologize for our excellence. My cell phone rang, and I removed it before it caused him to wake up, walked to the front door, and opened it slowly to avoid disturbing his sleep.

“Hello,” I whispered, easing the door closed as the housekeeper smiled at me. I smiled back, removing the Do Not Disturb sign from the door. It was my idea to come to Vegas once I got word that my cousin Jackson agreed to let me try out as a rookie driver.

“I hope you used protection,” Essence joked through the phone. I smelled my breath and underarms.

“Says the woman who made out with the waiter,” I said, heading to the elevator and pushing the lobby button. It lit up as I stepped on.

“He looked like Michael B. Jordan. What can I say?” Essence commented as the door closed.

I laughed at her statement, seeing a reflection of myself through the closed doors. I gasped at the purple hickey on my neck.

“What’s wrong?” Essence asked.

“Ughh… that jackass.”

“Are you on your way to the lobby? Rylee is freaking out,” Essence inquired.


Rylee was my other best friend, and she was the one who kept us from getting into trouble most of the time. I was twenty-three and the youngest out of three kids, unmarried, and making six figures as the event coordinator of CD Enterprises and Pierce Motors. I looked just like my mom with long, thick, black hair that hung down my back, thick, high-arched eyebrows, and heart-shaped lips. Also taking after my mom, I didn’t smoke, only drank occasionally, ate semi-healthy, and worked out to maintain my size ten. I was muscular and soft at the same time with curves and hips, plus toned arms for kicking ass when I get disrespected. My dad put me in boxing classes when I was younger to learn how to protect myself in case he wasn’t around, and I continued with the lessons even until this day.

“Finally!” Rylee said.

I turned and saw Rylee and Essence sitting in the lobby with turned-up lips and narrowed eyes. We had a private suite, thanks to Colton, her boyfriend—the owner of CD Enterprises. I stayed with my new friend last night, so I knew they were probably worried that I should have come back to sleep in our room last night. However, Kash and I got distracted trying to compete to see who could make the other have the most orgasms. I lost, of course, but I did put him to sleep with a good mic session.