What a Cowboy Wants (Sons of Chance Book 1) by Vicki Lewis Thompson

He was honest enough to admit that wasn’t his only motivation. Helping her would be a lot more fun than bandaging a horse’s leg or delivering a breach-birth calf. Thank God he had an emergency condom tucked in the glove compartment.

Jack wouldn’t be happy that Nick hadn’t dug all the required post holes, but in days gone by Jack would have quickly abandoned the post holes for a chance like this. Just because Nick’s big brother wasn’t interested in the opposite sex these days didn’t mean Nick couldn’t indulge. Besides, this was an act of mercy.

And sweet mercy, she had incredible legs. He had to remind himself of his noble intentions as he helped her into the truck and she was forced to undo the bottom buttons of her skirt in order to make the climb. Thinking about those spectacular legs made his own journey to the driver’s side more difficult. The zipper of his fly pressed uncomfortably against his ever-expanding interest in the hot woman sitting in the passenger seat.

“If we’re not going back, where are we going?”

“I know a place.” He’d grown up on the Last Chance, after all, and that meant he’d been a teenager here. Teenagers always knew a place.

“Pam said there’s a sacred Native American site on the ranch. She talked about a huge rock that glitters in the sun. Are you going there?”

“No.” Hanging his hat on the gun rack behind his head, he put the truck in gear and continued down the road until he found the dirt track that veered off to the left into the trees. “That site is all about finding solutions to problems.” He glanced over at her. “Not to brag, but I have a solution for yours.”

Her cheeks turned a becoming shade of pink. “I’ve interrupted your work. Will you get in trouble?”

“Maybe.” He had to concentrate on his driving because the rutted road wasn’t maintained, but the image of her flushed cheeks made him want to kiss her there… and everywhere else that turned pink when she was aroused. “I have a feeling you’ll be worth it.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?” And the prospect of holding a naked woman in his arms was wrecking his driving skills. He’d hit a couple of deep ruts he’d ordinarily have missed.

“I would want to believe you. I’d feel horrible getting involved with someone else’s sweetheart.”

He bet she would after what that a-hole boyfriend had put her through. “Trust me, there’s no one in my life right now. I don’t cheat.”

“I’m not asking because I expect anything to come of this.”

He laughed, which helped release some of his tension. “You should expect something to come of this. Or someone to come of this. That’s why I’m driving back into the trees, so we can have a little privacy. You could get loud.”

“You think so, do you?”

“I’ve known it to happen.” This was the most exciting damn thing that had ever happened to him. He was shaking with anticipation. He didn’t even know her name, and he liked it that way. He’d never had stranger sex.

Realistically he’d probably find out who she was later on today. She was staying in the main house, so they’d be introduced at some point, maybe even at lunch. That could be fun, too, when she learned he was one of the Chance men. She wouldn’t expect a Chance to be out digging post holes. Jack’s insane work ethic was turning out okay for once.

Nick didn’t kid himself that today would be the start of something big. She’d already told him she was a tourist who’d come to Wyoming to get over her crappy boyfriend back home. Once he’d helped her with that, she’d return to Indianapolis and continue with her life. In the meantime, his long dry spell was about to be over. Hot damn.

He reached the small clearing where he used to bring his dates back in high school, before he’d become sophisticated enough to rent a room. It was a great spot, drenched with hot memories. The sound of the creek was louder here, although it still wasn’t visible.

Birdsong echoed through the trees, and wild roses bloomed, their dark pink petals startling against the lush ferns sprouting beneath the trees. Pine needles crunched under the truck’s tires, enveloping them in a woodsy fragrance. The ground would still be damp after the rain, but all the ranch trucks carried a folded tarp in the back for emergencies. This qualified.

Cutting the engine, he turned to her. “Here we are.”