The Sheik's Unexpected Bride by Elizabeth Lennox

“Thank you, Sheik Tasim,” Elon replied respectfully. Tasim gritted his teeth as Elon extended his hand, enveloping Ella’s small hand in his own. Ella was such a tiny thing and looked even more delicate beside the huge Elon. Ella was glowing with happiness at her upcoming wedding and Tasim had to remind himself that Ella’s happiness was paramount. After everything Ella had gone through during her childhood, she deserved to find happiness with a man who loved her so completely.

It also helped that their romance had created this diplomatic detente. But Tasim also knew that it was time. Time to put aside the bad feelings on both sides, feelings passed down from generation to generation, and move on. It was time to form new alliances and strong economic ties. He didn’t have to like the guy in order to ensure the prosperity and safety of the people of his country.

Glancing behind him, he noticed that the soft, lovely woman, who had been glaring daggers at him moments ago, was walking away. For a brief moment, Tasim watched her departure. Princess Luna’s beauty hadn’t been exaggerated. She was stunning. Her dark hair was currently pinned up in an elaborate twist, but he imagined that it would probably cascade over her shoulders in a dark waterfall when taken down. Her full hips were lushly gorgeous, especially when coupled with her slim waist and…her eyes were lovely, he thought. The soft brown in those eyes had looked at the happy couple and…had that been a flash of sadness in those dark depths? Or was it something else? Unfortunately, Tasim didn’t know her well enough to tell. But it seemed as if the lovely princess didn’t entirely approve of her brother’s fiancée.

As a man who hadn’t approved of his sister’s romance with someone outside of Mosar until recently either, Tasim understood Luna’s animosity. Still, she needed to accept the situation. Accept and move forward, because Ella obviously loved the ass. Fortunately, the besotted look in the ass’ eyes told Tasim that Sheik Elon was just as devoted to Ella.

That was all that mattered, Tasim reminded himself.

The besotted fool in question interrupted the repetitive clicking of cameras. Elon turned to Tasim, bowing slightly in a polite gesture. “Please, it would be an honor to take you on a tour of the city.”

Tasim knew that he was supposed to say something, but Elon pulled Ella closer to his side and it took all of Tasim’s concentration to keep from punching the man for touching his baby sister.

So instead, he offered a curt nod, then glared ominously at his sister. The imp only grinned brightly up at him and Tasim rolled his eyes, forcing himself to relax. This wedding was going to happen. His sister and this ass would be married and…nope! Tasim wasn’t going there. The wedding night was just…nope!

Chapter 2

“It appears that we are dining companions,” Tasim said, pulling out the adjacent chair. “Princess,” he added as his formal greeting of Luna – which wasn’t all that formal. In fact, his tone implied sarcasm more than civility.

Tonight, Luna wore an exquisite dress in a soft shade of mocha that made her skin glow. And her eyes…they were brilliant! Had her eyes been that incredible shade of milk chocolate earlier today? He wasn’t sure, but at the moment, he couldn’t seem to get his brain to function. Because in addition to the beautiful color of her dress, Tasim suddenly noticed that the dress was low cut, exposing the soft swells of her breasts. As she sat down in the chair, his gaze was drawn to the enticing, dark shadow.

His mouth went dry and his body tightened with…not anticipation! Looking around, he tried to tamp down on the fury and lust. This was his enemy’s sister, damn it!

“Good evening, Your Highness!” General Sokawski greeted Tasim, distracting him from the image of those temptingly lush breasts that…that he was absolutely not going to think about! “I’m delighted to be dining with you both tonight!” the general continued.

The General chuckled, as if he’d said something hilariously funny, and Tasim swallowed a groan. General Sokawski was an excellent strategist and was beloved by the troops. He truly was a great general. But his sense of humor was…sometimes painful.

“Good evening, General,” he replied politely, shaking the older man’s hand. “And Janice,” he said, turning to the general’s wife, “it is a delight to see you again.”

The general’s wife was in her late fifties and a beautiful woman, poised and gracious. “Your Highness, it’s a pleasure to see you as well.” She turned to the princess who had stood up again, smiling politely. “Princess Luna, you look lovely tonight. That dress is magnificent!”