Vicious Little Snakes (Hillcrest Prep #2) by Trilina Pucci


Need a recap? I’ve got you. Sit down and let me spill all the tea. Okay, let’s see where we left off—

Grey and Liam seemed at odds, one of them fighting to win Donovan’s heart, the other to ensure it didn’t get broken. The battle for Donovan finally came to an end with the only choice to be made. It’s no surprise it was Grey. You can’t fight fate. Let’s be real. They’re meant to be.

Now, where does that leave Liam, you ask? Well, I can’t tell you…spoilers. But there’s nothing worse than being a third wheel. And to a girl whose heart he set out to win. Or maybe, someone already caught his eye? (Psst…I’m talking about Caroline.)

Speaking of the devil herself, is anyone even speaking to Carebear after the shit she pulled to set Grey off and make Liam hate her?

God, cafeteria drama is always the best. This one time, my junior year—never mind, sorry—back to the book.

If you ask me, Caroline Whitmore is on shaky ground, even though she delivered Donovan straight to Grey’s library, and promised peace, begrudgingly. But truces are as fickle in this world as Facebook relationship statuses. It’s safe to say “it’s complicated” doesn’t quite cut it.

And let’s not forget that our beloved Dray? Gronovan? Grey and Donovan. They need to stay on the down low. Thanks to too many whiskey shots, a smidge of toxic masculinity, and a burnt down tree. Oh, McCallister, I do love a broody bastard, but a possible appearance in Page Six complicates everything. #fuckpaul #fuckredoak

Here’s the thing: there are more questions than answers—an insane amount of scandal and lots of goddamn angst. But there’s also Liam. So much Liam. *swoons.

Welcome back to Hillcrest. Best to buckle up for the ride.

If you would rather fall into a coma before rereading a book…I got you.

Liam—The Red Oak Race.


“Where the fuck have you been? We won. By a lot.” I huff at Caroline’s smug expression.

The crowd is up the hill by the bonfire, but I’m still trying to get my legs to work. Grey definitely carried us over the finish line because I think I died a click back.

“No, I mean your little competition with Grey. It just became a forfeit on Donovan’s part. So…” She shrugs with a smirk. “Loser.”

Caroline stands in front of me, wallowing in my expected misery as she pushes to her tiptoes to boop my nose.

My head draws back from her hand as I stare down and shrug. “What the fuck are you talking about? Grey’s in the boat. I’m not in the mood for your little games.”

A quick laugh shoots from her lips. “Look for yourself.”

She turns, pointing, and my eyes lift over her head to see Van straddling Grey in the boat, obviously having just kissed him. Son of a bitch. Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long.

My gaze narrows back to Caroline.

“I wouldn’t count me out just yet.”

“It’s pathetic you ever thought she counted you in, Brooks.”

I tuck my hands under Caroline’s armpits, enjoying her squeal as I curl her, bringing us eye level.

“You’re a mean little bitch, aren’t you?”

She scowls. I can feel her nails dig into my shoulders, but I don’t give a fuck.

“Doesn’t matter. Because now I’m going to kiss that girl stupid. Just to irritate the fuck out of you. My mouth will be covered in cherry.”

I almost wince, feeling her claws dig deeper.

“And why would you think that mattered to me?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t care. It’s enough that I piss you off, Carebear.”

I drop her without warning, letting her almost fall on her ass.

“Make sure you get a good seat.”

Caroline— Last Thursday

I hate her. That’s all I can think of while standing in the middle of the empty school hallway. Donovan stares back at me, hand on hip, chain Chanel bag across her body, shining almost as much as the highlight on her face. God, I hate her so much I could cry. In theory only. In real life, I never cry.

You have to feel to do that, and I swore that shit off a long fucking time ago.

Donovan’s giving me that look, the one with the smugness she reserves for when she thinks she’s won. It’s bad enough my plan in the cafeteria didn’t work, but now that the crowned Prince of Hillcrest and his Princess are back together, I’m checkmated.