Her Sensual Protector : A Navy SEAL Romance by Caitlyn O'Leary


Leo wished his boss had sent someone else, anybody else, but Max had raised his eyebrow and sent him. Deep down, or not that deep down, Leo knew why. But it still rankled. Fine, he had a way with the ladies, but this was a mission, for God’s sake. This was a fucking mission in Afghanistan, not the time or place for the charm offensive.

But when he saw just how poorly the diplomats and phony diplomats were doing, he could see where charm could be really useful. Just how dumb were these guys? Even the CIA plants had their heads firmly embedded up their asses.

“Ms. Squires, your presence here, and the media storm your family and friends have created in the United States, is detrimental to us finding and safely returning your father,” the US Ambassador to Afghanistan said to the petite woman sitting in the chair across from his at the conference room table. This was the fourth time he’d said something like that to her. Leo could tell she was getting hot under the collar.

“What else would you have me do? Other people have been kidnapped in Afghanistan and you have done nothing. Nothing has been done for that reporter, Dick Summers.” Her tone was savage.

Ooops, the gloves have come off. Leo smothered a grin.

“That’s not true,” the ambassador said.

“Oh really,” she said sarcastically. “Obviously nothing of note, since he’s been missing for four months, and you still haven’t managed his release.”

One of the lower-level diplomatic aides standing behind the ambassador spoke up. “We’re working on his release, as well as your father’s. Now, your dad has only been missing for a week. Nobody understands why he decided to come to Afghanistan when the rest of his team was still in Pakistan. It is our understanding that is where the polio inoculations are needed, not here in Afghanistan.” The aide seemed nice enough. But not so nice when you considered he was one of five men who were standing beside the ambassador, all leaning over the conference room table, clearly trying to intimidate the petite woman.

“Just contact Dr. Williams in Pakistan, you’ll find that they traced cases of polio to villages here in Afghanistan. My father and Dr. Williams decided my father would be the best one to come over here since he spoke Dari. He crossed the border legally, there wasn’t anything secretive about his arrival.”

Leo admired Daisy Squires’ fierceness when surrounded by all the men intent on poking holes in her story. Her will was indomitable. Leo casually leaned back against the far wall, well away from the action. He made it clear he was just observing. What’s more, the fact that they were all in suits and he was wearing fatigues should have made it even more obvious.

Another man glared down at Daisy. “Ten years ago your father was in Palestine, and he was working with Hamas. He has a penchant for working for terrorist organizations, isn’t that true?” His voice sliced through the room.

Leo continued to keep his casual stance but made sure he could catch every word of the conversation.

“You obviously have faulty records,” she said scornfully. “You need to talk to the Palestine Unit in our embassy in Israel. That was all cleared up back then. My father does not work with terrorist organizations. He cares for sick and wounded children. Full stop.”

The same oily dirtbag continued his interrogation. “I have checked with the Ambassador there, and the records are vague.”

“That’s on the State Department, now isn’t it?” She stood up and placed her hands on the table, leaning forward. “I strongly suggest you find someone who worked there at the time. In the meantime, find my father. He’s. Been. Kidnapped.”

“Ms. Squires, it’s not that easy.” The ambassador tried to soothe her.

She slapped the table. “Then make it that easy. I got this meeting because of the stink my family is making in the U.S. That’s nothing compared to what they’re prepared to do. Wait until the petitions and the viral social media campaigns begin.”

“Ms. Squires, you need to settle down.” It was the man who had accused her father of working with terrorists. “You have no idea what we have to deal with daily, and the type of situation your dad is in. You need to leave it to us to handle, and go back to the States.”

Come on Daisy, let him have it. If he could, Leo would have rubbed his hands together.

“I’m not leaving Afghanistan without my father. You’re stuck with me. As to not understanding how things work? You’re wrong. I run W.A.N.T., Women Acting Now and Tomorrow. I know exactly what your situation is.”