Reaper's Salvation by Jamie Begley


Ginny numbly stared out the window of the private jet that she and Hammer boarded after leaving Silas’s house. Sightlessly staring at the grey clouds floating below, she replayed the image of Gavin walking toward the waiting car that would take him to Taylor.

In her bedroom upstairs, she had heard the rumble of his voice as he’d talked on his cell phone. She’d dressed quickly and had gone downstairs to start breakfast to hear Gavin ending his phone call the moment she entered the kitchen. The sound of him starting the shower had her slapping several slices of bacon onto the sizzling skillet.

Blinking back tears of fright from what she had gotten herself into, compounded with her fear of Gavin’s reaction to the story she was determined to discuss with him, had her hands shaking. She knew she should have told him about her past the previous night, before her brothers arrived back home, but the precious moments with him had gone too quickly.

She promised herself as she flipped the bacon that as soon Gavin got out of the shower, she would tell him her history. However when the sound of the shower stopped, she revised her plan, deciding to wait to tell him anything until after he told her about Taylor being at the clubhouse. The time would also allow her the opportunity to settle the mounting trepidations as the minutes ticked by.

“Where’s all the jelly I saw sitting on the counter yesterday?”

Ginny looked up from the frying pan. “I gave it to Viper. Silas is going to bring more from storage when he comes back this afternoon. There’s some grape jelly in the refrigerator.”

“It’s store bought. You took all those jars to the storage building? Why didn’t you leave one here?”

“Actually, two were meant for here, but when I asked Viper to take a couple to Lily, he asked if he could to take another couple for the club.”

“You gave them my jelly?”

Ginny’s brows rose. Gavin was making no effort to hide his irritation. “Technically, those jars are mine. I don’t understand what the big deal is. I have ten more jars in—”

“The problem is I don’t want Shade eating your jelly. It’s mine.”

Ginny watched as he plopped down on his chair at the table and then stared sullenly at the plain toast.

Ginny placed a plate of bacon in front of him. “You could make yourself a bacon sandwich,” she suggested, trying to hide her amusement at his jealousy. She wondered if it was because she made the jelly or if it was an ongoing rivalry between Gavin and Shade.

“You made some to send to Shade.”

Rolling her eyes at him, she turned around, but then found herself being pulled down onto his lap.

“I’m sorry.”

Ginny could tell he didn’t mean his apology, so she wound her arms around his neck and called his bluff. “You don’t look sorry.”

“I’m not.”

“Didn’t your mother teach you to share?”

“All the women in the club cater to Shade.”

Ginny frowned. “When I worked there, I didn’t see anyone catering to him.”

“I’m not talking about the wives.”

“Oh … I see. The women who live there?” Ginny never paid any attention to the men in the club, so she couldn’t say if the women had or hadn’t.


Goosebumps rose on her skin when Gavin began tracing imaginary circles on her arm with his thumb.

“Don’t give any more to him. Please?”

When he touched her like that, she was willing to jump off a cliff if he asked—though even under extreme torture she’d refuse to admit it … but God knew she would.

“I won’t make him any more jelly. Satisfied?”

Agreeing so easily to his request, she saw the suspicion in his eyes. What could she say? She had bigger fish to fry than dealing with Gavin’s ridiculous jealousy over Shade.

“What are your plans for the day?” Unable to resist taking the opportunity to touch him as well, Ginny carefully gauged his reaction as she waited for him to tell her that Taylor was at the club. She promised herself she wouldn’t react to the mention of Taylor’s name on his lips.

“I’m going to the clubhouse to have a talk with the brothers. They want to return a few of the gifts I gave them.”

As Gavin spoke, Ginny realized he wasn’t going to admit his ex-fiancée was at the club.

“I bet,” she said with a heavy heart. “That’s one gift I’m glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of.”