The Virgin Rule Book (Rules of Love #1) by Lauren Blakely

I could stare at her ass for ten flights, twenty, make it one hundred.

But then, I need to devote ample attention to those legs too. Lean, strong, and so long. I bet they’d look terrific wrapped around my face.

Wait. Can’t forget her hair—all those blonde waves. I’ll be tugging, stroking, getting that hair all messed up.

She flicks her gaze back to me. “I don’t do hookups either,” she says, lifting her chin, her voice firm as she returns to the topic from dinner. “I should have said something at the diner, but I was sort of in shock.”

“Glad to hear this isn’t the norm for you.”

“It’s the opposite of the norm,” she says when we reach the landing. Fishing around in her purse, she grabs her keys, opens the door, then shuts it behind us, spinning around to meet my eyes. “Tell me something, Holden.”

“Something,” I answer playfully, stepping into her home. It’s small but cozy, with pillows everywhere.

With a laugh, she tugs at my shirt, jerking me closer. “How are you not a hookup guy?”

“Does that mean you think all athletes have hookups?”

“No. I just think . . . many do, and many guys do. I was surprised.”

“Ah, you said you were shocked.”

“I was. Let’s be honest. It’s unusual.”

“A bad unusual?” I ask, hoping she says no, hoping she’s good with this score.

“A very good unusual,” she says, dropping her purse on a table.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

She moves closer to me, pressing her body against mine.

“I like that you like unusual a whole helluva lot,” I murmur as I loop a hand around her waist, moaning softly at the lush feel of her body, the hint of her delicate flesh under her blouse. My fingers tease along her back right above her jeans.

“You didn’t answer the question,” she says, sliding her hands up my chest, spreading them over the fabric of my shirt.

I groan from her touch, from the curious and eager way she explores my body. “You love to ask questions.”

“I do,” she whispers, all sultry and enticing as she covers my pecs with those hands. “So, why are you not a hookup guy?”

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