Her Twin Surprise (Forsaken Sons #2) by Elizabeth Lennox

So she didn’t pull back. Instead, her fingers slid into his short, dark hair, pulling him closer.

“Stevie!” He groaned against her lips. She was frantic now. His tone sounded as if he might stop kissing her but, she knew that she’d die if he stopped!

Her hands slid lower, her fingertips caressing the skin of his neck, his ears, then back into his hair, silently begging him not to stop. Just a little longer, she begged silently.

He tore his mouth away from her lips, so Stevie moved to his neck, pressing a kiss there. Just a touch, she thought. But that touch wasn’t enough and her tongue snuck out. Surely, he wouldn’t notice if she tasted him? Would he? Her tongue darted out and he shifted, his erection grinding against her in the most erotic way.

“Stevie!” he growled, his mind spinning with the need to bury himself in her body! But he’d promised her, just a kiss. “I have to go!”

She pulled back, her hips still shifting against him and he felt as if he was going to explode.

“Leave?” she asked, then closed her eyes as she shuddered with her imminent climax.

“Stevie,” he snapped, holding her hips still. “If you’re going to do that, then we need to go into your apartment!”

“Yes!” she sobbed, her head dropping to his shoulder, as if she no longer had the strength to hold her head up. “Inside!”

She dropped her legs and turned toward the door. But as she shifted, her bottom rubbed against his throbbing erection. Closing his eyes, he vowed that he’d only…only give her pleasure! Then he’d get out of there and finish himself off when he was alone.

“Now!” she whispered, grabbing his hand and tugging him inside. She literally slammed the door behind them and then slid her hands up his chest once again.

“Stevie, we should slow….” She did that thing with her tongue against his neck, then nipped the same spot with her teeth. No woman had ever taken the time to kiss his neck, so he hadn’t been aware of how sensitive it could be. That teasing touch, plus her fingers skimming over his nipples drove him out of his mind with lust.

He kissed her and, being true to his promise, he unzipped her slacks, his hand sliding lower and lower. The whole time, he kissed her as his fingers sought out those soft, wet folds and…she was so damn wet, he had to stop for a moment, fighting for control. Because every instinct in him wanted to unzip his own slacks, release his erection, and…!

“No!” he growled, shaking his head and refocused on Stevie. He felt her stiffen, those gorgeous brown eyes looking up at him questioningly.

“No?” she asked, starting to pull away.

“I didn’t mean ‘no’ as in stop,” he told her, lowering his head to kiss her again. Her lips were soft, but she didn’t kiss him back immediately. His hand froze against her lower stomach, waiting for a sign that she wanted him to proceed. He got it a moment later, her head once again tilting back, kissing him with increasing fervor. Only then did he move his hand lower and lower until…he felt that swollen nub, sliding one finger, then two, into her heat. Moving his thumb back and forth, he kissed her deeply while his hand pressed into her, pressed against her.

Almost too quickly, she shuddered, crying out softly as he felt her inner muscles tighten around his fingers. She stopped kissing him, her hands gripping his shoulders as her first climax washed over her.

Janus watched, more turned on than he’d ever thought possible. Stevie was beautiful in the throes of passion. Beautiful and sensuous and startlingly erotic.

“Wow!” she whispered as the waves of pleasure slowed. “Can we…?” she stopped, looking up at him. “Can we do that…together?” she whispered, her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

“Hell yes!” he declared, but his hands moved to her hips, holding her still. “Not tonight though.”

“Why not?” she demanded. Then she froze. “You have to go!” she gasped and pulled out of his arms. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…!”

“Stevie, stop!” he pulled her back against him and kissing her. When he lifted his head, he could barely see straight. “I just think that you need more time before we have sex.”

Stevie looked at him, stunned and touched. But she didn’t want to wait. “Janus, if that’s all that’s holding you back, I’m telling you that I don’t want you to leave. I’m clear headed and looking you straight in the eye. Please don’t leave unless you don’t want to do this.”