Her Twin Surprise (Forsaken Sons #2) by Elizabeth Lennox

He stared down at her and Stevie could almost feel the debate raging within him. But in the end, she won. He scooped her up into his arms. “Damn, Stevie. I didn’t mean for this to happen, but I can’t turn away from you. I never was able to stay away.”

And with that, he carried her down the hallway to her bedroom, laying her on the bed as he stood up, stripping his clothes off.

“Don’t move,” he told her when she reached to pull her clothes off as well. “I want to do that. And I want you touching me while I do.”

When he was magnificently, proudly naked, she stared at him, her mouth falling open. He was…huge and glorious!

And all hers! At least for tonight, she reminded herself as she started to sit up, wanting to explore every inch of him, to know and feel him under her fingers.

“Don’t move!” he ordered, then reached out to pull her slacks off. Since they were already unzipped, it was easy to tug them down over her hips and her legs. She was left with just her ugly black socks, which he peered down at and grinned.

“Nice,” he teased.

“Just…let me…”

He laughed, his hand tightening on her ankle. “I get to do this, Stevie,” he insisted.

She almost choked on her embarrassment, but she leaned back on her elbows, cringing at how ugly those black slacks looked against her pale skin.

“Are you ticklish?” he asked, slipping a finger underneath the top of the sock that was now gathered around her ankle.

“No!” she hissed, but it was too late. His finger slid against the bottom of her foot, but this didn’t tickle! Oh no, his touch sent a bolt of lust right up her leg, pooling in that spot that was throbbing with need.

“Ah! You are!” He laughed, then did the same thing to the other foot, adding a kiss on the arch of her foot.

Stevie was literally writhing, aching for him to stop fooling around and just… She glared at him. “You’re driving me crazy!” she yelled.

He shook his head and climbed up onto the bed, hovering over her. “Yeah, me too.”

With that, he spread her legs wide, settling against her as he whipped her white blouse up and over her head. He didn’t even bother with the buttons, and it was loose enough that it didn’t matter. Her bra was gone seconds after that and she sighed as his hand covered her breast, his thumb flicking against her taut nipple.

“You’re larger here than I’d thought,” he commented, focused on her breast. Then his mouth lowered, covering that nipple and she groaned, her hips grinding against him, like she’d done earlier. “I have big hands,” he added conversationally. “And your breasts fill them perfectly. I like that.”

She tried to smile, but his thumb moved over her nipple and she forgot how to breathe for a moment.

He groaned, shaking his head again. “You can’t move like that if you want this to last!” he growled, then lowered his head to take one of her nipples in his mouth. She screamed, her fingers diving into his hair as she arched her back. Immediately, her legs lifted, encircling his waist as he pressed his hips against hers, feeling that hard part of him that was close, so damn close!

“Stevie!” he shuddered, “I’m right on the edge, here, honey.”

“Don’t stop! Please, please don’t stop!”

She thought he was going to leave her, but his gaze zeroed in on her other nipple and he lowered his head to nip and tease it as well, making her eyes cross as she shifted hungrily against him.

“I can’t hold back, honey,” he grabbed the condom he’d taken out of his wallet earlier. “I just…” he quickly rolled it down his shaft as he knelt between her legs. But he wasn’t focused on the condom. He looked at her body, his eyes drifting over those glistening pink folds.

“You’re so damn beautiful!” he said as he settled between her legs, wrapping hers back around his waist. “Tell me if I hurt you,” he urged, as he pressed into her heat, groaning as her tight sheath closed around him.

“Yes!” Stevie breathed, lifting her hips to meet him. When he was fully embedded inside of her, he paused, looking down at her. “You okay?” he asked.

“I’d be better if you started moving,” she told him, her nails trailing down his shoulders, making him shudder.

Slowly, Janus started thrusting, pressing his face into her neck as he moved. Stevie lifted her hips, meeting every thrust and crying out as her body drew tighter and tighter. “Like that!” she gasped when he shifted against that nub so perfectly that she thought she might just…!