Colt (Storm MC #10) by Nina Levine



“Lily King is missing and we’re dropping every-fuckin’-thing to help find her,” my president says as he looks around the room at everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him this on edge, this wired. “Some of us will stay here to handle the shit we’ve got on at the moment, but most of us will head down to Sydney tonight. Griff will let you know where you’re needed. We’re leaving in two hours.”

Griff stands and rattles off the plan for who will do what. When he gets to my name, he looks at me. “I need you to work closely with Zane and his team who are going through Ted Channing’s files to see if they missed anything the first time around. I’m convinced there’s something there, and I’d go through everything myself if this King stuff hadn’t come up. I want you to dedicate every second you can to this, starting tonight. We need to know who the fuck the McConaughey brothers were working for.”

I nod. “Got it.”

“Keep me updated. Zane’s at his headquarters waiting for you.” He then turns to Gunnar and carries on detailing our plan of attack for the next few days.

Gunnar, Wilder, Nash, Riggs, Griff, and me are staying in Brisbane while everyone else is heading down to Sydney.

The last month has been a shitshow of shit for our club with the break-in and vandalism at one of our restaurants, and the ambushes we’ve experienced on our protection runs for King, the Sydney Storm president. And now this. Zane Stone, who runs Stone Security and has deep ties with the club, is helping us get to the bottom of it all after his employee, Ted Channing, helped the McConaughey brothers with their surveillance of the club while they were planning the ambushes on us. The thing is, the McConaughey brothers are dead, so they can’t have had anything to do with Lily going missing, so while this all feels connected, fuck knows how.

Scott exits the room, followed closely by the club members leaving with him.

“Happy fuckin’ birthday to you,” Nash says as he heads out, his expression grim.

Birthdays don’t mean shit to me. Not anymore. Tonight was just an excuse to get everyone together and have a drink. Not that any of us need an excuse for a Friday night drink. I’m happy about the change in plans because I don’t want thoughts of my birthdays and all the memories attached to them in my head tonight.

I grab my shit and walk out to my bike, taking in the mad energy filling the clubhouse.




King’s old lady is fucking missing.

Not something to be taken fucking lightly.

King is the president of the mother chapter. He runs Storm. Fuck, Storm has the power it has because of him. He’s ruthless. Relentless. Fucking savage. He lives for two things: his club and his family. You fuck with either of those, you’re a dead man walking.

Whoever has her will pay, and it won’t be pretty. Hell, it’s a guaranteed grisly-as-fuck ending for anyone who hurts an old lady, but King will tear whoever did this apart, skin by skin, bone by bone, breath by breath.

We’ll all make sure the motherfucker regrets going anywhere near Lily, but King will ensure they regret even living because death won’t come easily for them.

“Colt, wait up,” Scott calls out as I near my bike. When he reaches me, he says, “Shit doesn’t feel right with this Ted Channing and McConaughey brothers stuff. My suspicion is that whoever they were working for isn’t finished with us yet. Watch your back, brother.”

“You trust Zane and his men?”

“Yeah, like I trust every club member here. That’s his core team I’m talking about, though, not his extended team. I’m not sure how Channing slipped through his strict background checks for new employees, but I trust Zane to figure that out and not allow it to happen again. Until he does, though, don’t trust anyone but Zane, Liam, Axe, Bronze, and Easton.”

“Gotcha. Anything else?”

He shakes his head. “Let Griff know of any concerns. He’ll be busy here going through intel for the King job as well as making sure all our assets are secure, but he needs to know if anything comes up. We’re scheduled for another protection run in three weeks, so I want any little thing you suspect as odd to be dealt with before then. I don’t fuckin’ want us out there on that run with our dicks flying in the fuckin’ wind.”

I nod my understanding and he leaves me to go back inside.