Promise to Love You (Wild to Love #5) by J. Saman

Unknown: Aren’t you at least a little curious?


Me: NO!!!!!!! And bastard doesn’t cover you.

Unknown: Please. It’s spinning out of control, and I need to see you. I need to know.

Me: You already know.

Unknown: About you?

Me: Yes, or you wouldn’t be texting me at four in the morning.

Unknown: It’s seven here. Does that mean you’ll come?

Me: …

Unknown: …

Me: Yes.

My phone slips from my fingers, clanging to the hard surface of my balcony floor. My phone buzzes again, a little louder now since the sound is reverberating off the ground. I don’t pick it up. I don’t look down. I don’t care if he’s thanking me or anything else he comes up with. I don’t care. I don’t want to know.

Because I’m busy getting my head on straight.

Locking myself down.

I’m worried about his father and I want to see him, want to make sure he’s okay with my own two eyes.

I’ll go home and I’ll see him. I’ll see him, and I’ll do the one thing I was never able to do before. I’ll say goodbye. My eyes close and I allow myself to slip back. To remember every single moment we had together. To indulge in the sweet torture that, if I let it, will rip me apart piece by piece. Because I know what I’m in for, and I know that once I step foot off that airplane, nothing will ever be right again.

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