The Unrepentant (Skharr DeathEater #6) by Michael Anderle

Once those four books are out, you will see the first book of The Barbarian Princess hit the ‘Zon.

At that point, our first thirteen books will have been released on Skharr’s side of the world. However, hints about how magic arrived “over here” have been placed in the stories, and we will turn our focus to the other side of the world.

And the story of the twin peaks.

These stories will be much larger, with a minimum of 150,000 words, and we are trying our very first hardback for the release of book 01 at the end of this year.

That story, revolving around a young thief who has a heart too good for her own future, is more a fantasy story since it focuses on a young mage who throws away a chance to live a mundane life for a shot at greatness.

Or death… Yeah, probably death.

During those releases, we will come back to Skharr DeathEater with Skharr 08.

So, I can tell you that LMBPN has planned a minimum of fourteen regular-sized books and six massive fantasies, all evolving on this same world.

The world of a canny barbarian, Skharr DeathEater.


So, I just got through with the first audio production of Skharr DeathEater #1 (Amazon link) last night while packing for my trip.

I’m presently at 31,500 feet, heading towards Texas for our son’s graduation.

I mention this because I’ve now read that story at least three times, twice before publication and at least once after.

Yet I still loved the audio version.

I admit I was a bit annoyed to find out the second book wasn’t out yet on audio. To all of you who (like me) are impatiently waiting, thank you for supporting LMBPN’s audio efforts with our partners.

Your support in listening to our audio helps a lot!

What if Skharr goes to tv or movie?

I’d love it.

While I admit I’m not as much of a film or tv (cable) viewer as most, I still enjoy certain stories. I am aware that Conan and Red Sonja are both slated for video / movie adaptations, as well as there being many YouTube and cable shows with a barbarian main character.

Including a puppet / muppet show, of all things.

I suspect we (all of us creating new sword & sorcery content) will benefit from a new infusion of fans. I didn’t create this series thinking it would become a huge hit. No, I created it because I like the genre and missed any new stories that I enjoyed.

Really, no characters I enjoyed.

Perhaps that is why I keep coming back to Skharr. He is a character in a world that is a bit removed from ours.

While I’m happy that we seem to be doing ok with the sales, I am beyond ecstatic to read your reviews (yes, I do peek from time to time). Like me, others care about this type of story.

There might not be a hundred thousand or a million of us right now, but just know that I’m one of them.

Book 07

You have just read the setup for Skharr DeathEater Book 07, the Barbarian Princess. Cassandra is a favorite character of mine (as is Sera, but for different reasons.)

I just got finished reading the last chapter on this story yesterday. I’m ready to go back and reread the whole unedited book once more.

I think you will like it… A lot.

‘Til the next Skharr Book (or any of my other series with or without collaborators)!

Ad Aeternitatem,

Michael Anderle

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