Bewitching the Boss by Jessa Kane

Just before I drift off, I hear him say, “I love you to the point of madness.”

And then he spends decade after decade proving it.


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Coaxing the Roughneck

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Cindy just inherited an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf. Selling it will give her enough money to move into an apartment without leaks or loud parties downstairs—not to mention, some cash will help jump start her landscaping business. There's one king sized problem, however. His name is Butch. He hasn't left the engine room of the oil rig in years. And he's not about to vacate now. Luckily, Cindy has a plan for coaxing big, bad Butch up to the surface of the rig. Temptation. But they don't call Butch a roughneck for nothing—and she's about to get a lot more than she bargained for.

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