Watching Over You (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #3) by Lori Foster


            WHEN CROSBY ALBERTSON FROWNED, he didn’t just show displeasure in his incredibly handsome face. He also showed it in the rigid lines of his big body, in his tightened fists and the angle of his wide shoulders, how his feet braced apart and the way the muscles in his thighs flexed.

            Honestly, Madison McKenzie thought he was downright scrumptious top to bottom, though now wasn’t the best time to be admiring him.

            Using her admittedly incredible digital surveillance skills, she’d been shadowing Crosby online for a while now, ever since she realized that he was keeping tabs on her family.

            Granted, her family had made unique choices to combat injustice, specifically every form of human trafficking and forced labor. She and her brothers, under their father’s instruction, had become elite fighters weaponized with skill, knowledge and drive.

            As a cop, Crosby had somehow caught on to them, despite how she meticulously covered their tracks.

            He’d impressed the heck out of her, which wasn’t easy to do—especially after he worked with them to bring down a truly heinous trafficker who’d gotten far too personal.

            But Crosby was still a cop through and through, and she and her family still skirted the edges of illegal activity by pursuing their goals without involving the law.

            Didn’t stop her infatuation with him.

            When he found out that she’d ramped up her surveillance of him, he’d likely be annoyed.

            That couldn’t be helped, though. No other man had fascinated her like Crosby Albertson did, and in her line of work, as her brothers had often pointed out—the hypocrites—she couldn’t be too careful. She knew a lot about Crosby already, but now she wanted to know more.

            Physically following him today wasn’t exactly necessary, but she’d had a little free time, so why not? Never mind that Ridge Trail, Colorado, was experiencing extremely severe weather, with a huge dumping of snow and freezing temps making the roads slick.

            Her thinking was that if Crosby could go out, she could, too. Overall, she figured she could do just about anything a guy could do, with a few notable exceptions. Like, she couldn’t pee standing up. Then again, she had no desire to.

            She couldn’t get a testicular injury, so yay, score one for lady parts.

            And honestly, as strong and skilled as she might be, she still took pleasure in her femininity, so knocking out a dude with one punch—something her hulking brothers managed easily—was usually out of her realm. Not that she couldn’t effectively disable a guy in other ways. She could—hello testicles—and yet, the majority of her contribution to the family business was handled behind a computer screen.

            Now, with Crosby, she wanted to be a little more hands-on.

            Snuggled into her chic white snowsuit, complete with a faux fur trimmed trapper hat and attached goggles, Madison parked her SUV behind Crosby’s car, all the while wondering why he would tool around in this weather in a sedan. At least he had chains on his tires, using some common sense.

            She wondered, too, why he would stand there on the sidewalk outside a small mom-and-pop store and do that whole-body frowning thing. Something had angered him, but she didn’t yet know what. Since he hadn’t looked at her, she figured she wasn’t the cause of his irritation this time—a nice change for once.

            After staring through the window for a flat ten seconds, Crosby went into the store, leaving her with a tingle of anticipation at seeing him again. The last time she’d been so close to him was well before Christmas, and now it was early February. She’d kissed him then... And he’d laughed.