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Reckless Truths (Lost Kings MC #21)
Author: Autumn Jones Lake






Thank you for asking me to write this book. I loved every second I spent with Teller and Charlotte, Rock and Hope, and Heidi and Murphy, even when they were being difficult. I hope you enjoy it too!

I especially want to thank Jan B for the countdown updates in our Facebook Group. I had so much fun with all the snippets she posted leading up to release day! I’m hesitant to ever name too many people for fear I’ll leave someone out and hurt feelings. But I need to thank Jennifer Stewart, Nanci Cardwell, Ethel Jackson, Michelle Stezewski, Lorraine Irvine, Kim Brown, Jennifer Godwin, Brandi Wiley, Ready Snodgrass, Mia Stewart-Robinson, Roz Butler, Jenny Matisie, Deborah-Lee, Allison G. Cynthia Rendall, Rosemary K. Ashley J. Alexis Marre, and Erin Rockel for their kindness, and generosity. These ladies help make our Facebook groups such a fun and interesting place and I thank you so much for being part of it!

Thank you Liz for all of your beautiful notes.

My editor for trying so hard to keep me on track! She is such a kind and patient person and I appreciate it so much!

Julie, thank you for catching those pesky mistakes I looooove to introduce at the last minute when I go fuck around with all the words.

Author LK Shaw, thanks for letting me be salty every day. I appreciate you so much!

Sophie, Laura, Shawna, Tanisha, Shawna, Heather, Jessica, Athena, and Brittany thank you for recognizing how bad I am at promoting myself and helping to signal boost my social media posts even though I always forget to ask for help.

The anxiety that I’m leaving someone out is real here!

Thank you for buying and reading Reckless Truths!







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The Lost Kings MC™ World © Autumn Jones Lake



All the secrets are about to be unleashed! Reckless Truths really can’t be read as a standalone. Chapter One starts during the events of After Glow (Lost Kings MC #11) But if you haven’t read the series in a little while, I hope this glossary helps you out! Obviously, I can’t cover every detail here or we’d be reading a million word glossary instead of a few pages!




President: Rochlan “Rock” North. Leader of the Upstate NY charter of the Lost Kings MC.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Wyatt “Wrath” Ramsey. Protector or enforcer for the club.

Vice President: Blake “Murphy” O’Callaghan. Murphy was the road captain up until White Lies (Lost Kings MC #15) He’s now the Vice President.

Treasurer: Marcel “Teller” Whelan. Handles the money and investments for the club. Engaged to Charlotte.

Road Captain: Dixon “Dex” Watts (newly appointed to the position in White Lies)

Grayson “Grinder” Lock: The former sergeant-at-arms of the New York charter. We saw a little about his relationship as Rock’s mentor in Wheels of Fire (Hollywood Deoms #3). We first “met” him in Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2) and have seen him a few other times throughout the series, most recently in Zero Regret (Lost Kings MC #11.) He has been mentioned throughout the series by the brothers as they looked forward to his release from prison. He was voted in as the SAA for the downstate charter in Throne of Scars.




President: Angus “Zero” or “Z” Frazier. As of Zero Apologies (Lost Kings MC #14), Z is the president of the Downstate, NY charter of the Lost Kings MC.

Vice President: Logan “Rooster” Randall

Sergeant-at-Arms: Grayson “Grinder” Lock as of Throne of Scars.

Treasurer: Hustler

Road Captain: Jensen “Jigsaw” Kilgore




President: Cypress “Ice” Caldwell

Vice President: Farmer

Sergeant-at-Arms: Pants

Treasurer: T-Bone

Road Captain: Wings




President: Digger

SAA: Squiggy - as of Throne of Scars, Steer is the new SAA.




Cronin “Sparky” Petek: Sparky is the mad genius/hippie stoner behind the Lost Kings MC’s pot-growing business. He is rarely seen outside of the basement, as he prefers the company of his plants.

Elias “Bricks” Serrano: We have seen Bricks and his girlfriend Winter throughout the series. He’s one of the few members who does not live at the clubhouse.

Sam “Stash” Black: Lives in the basement with Sparky and helps with the plants.

Thomas “Ravage” Kane: We’ve gotten to know Rav and his snarky humor a little bit better in each book. Ravage is a general member who helps out wherever he is needed.

Sway: Former president of the downstate charter of the Lost Kings MC. We’ve seen Sway and his wife Tawny off and on in the series since Strength From Loyalty, usually annoying Rock in some fashion. He was shot in the head in Zero Tolerance and Z took over as president downstate. Sway and Tawny disappeared after a raid of the downstate clubhouse in Throne of Scars and have not been seen since.

Hoot: We’ve seen glimpses of him since Slow Burn when he was a lowly prospect. He finally got his full patch, but still gets a lot of the grunt work.

Birch: We also met him as a prospect. He’s been voted as a full-patch member but shares in a lot of the grunt work with Hoot.

Priest: The Lost Kings MC’s national president. We first met him and his wife, Valentina, in After Burn. He played an important role in Zero Tolerance and Zero Apologies. Recently, he appeared in Diamond in the Dust and Throne of Scars.

Malik: A prospect for the Lost Kings MC. Helps out at Crystal Ball. Owns the Lucky Duck pawnshop in Ironworks.




Hope Kendall North, Esq.: Nicknamed First Lady by Murphy in Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2), Hope is the object of Rock’s love and obsession. Their daughter is named Grace after Rock’s mother.

Trinity Hurst Ramsey: Wrath’s angel. Former caretaker of the club. She now has her own photography and graphic design business. She is married to Wrath, fiercely loyal to the club, and best friends with Hope.

Heidi “Little Hammer” O’Callaghan: Murphy’s wife and Teller’s little sister. Heidi just graduated from college and works at Empire Med. Murphy officially adopted her daughter, Alexa Jade.

Charlotte Clark, Esq: Teller’s sunshine. Often credited with taming the brooding treasurer of the Lost Kings, Teller.

Lilly Frazier: Z’s brave and devoted siren. The new queen of the Lost Kings MC’s downstate charter. One of Hope’s best friends. Z and Lilly’s son is named Chance.

Shelby Morgan: Rooster’s sassy little chickadee. Country music singer from Texas. We first met Shelby in Swagger and Sass.

Serena Cargill: Former downstate club girl. At one time, she was broken-hearted over Murphy. We first met her in Strength From Loyalty, got to know her better in White Heat and More Than Miles. She has appeared here and there in the series since then. Mistreated by Shadow, the former VP of the downstate charter, we have not “seen” her since Zero Regret.

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