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Forevermore (Club Destiny #12)(9)
Author: Nicole Edwards

“Time,” he called after allowing it to go on longer than a minute.

Sam huffed, grabbed the dice, and passed them to Logan.

This time, when the bottle stopped spinning, so did Logan’s breathing.

Because it landed on Elijah.



Chapter Five



Elijah’s heart thumped extra hard when the mouth of the bottle landed on him.

He had no idea what those dice would tell him to do, but whatever it was would be something he’d never done before because he would have to perform the action on Logan.

Was he nervous?

Damn straight.

Was he excited?

Surprisingly, yes.

Although he wasn’t sure he wanted Logan to know just how much.

Things had been decidedly awkward between them since that morning, and he wasn’t sure if it was all him or if Logan was just as freaked out by what had happened. He had tried his best not to make it weird, but no matter how hard he tried, it seemed inevitable. Probably had a lot to do with the fact they hadn’t discussed what had happened. Not that he wanted to. Elijah wasn’t sure he was ready for that just yet.

Then again, it was all moot because Sam had pulled one of her infamous stunts and managed to manipulate the situation to force it to happen again. And she’d managed to introduce a new game at the same time.

In the beginning, Elijah had been surprised by Sam’s games, but over the years, he’d gotten used to them, so he hadn’t been entirely caught off guard by the idea of this one. Nor with her modified rules.

Didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t sure how this was going to play out or whether or not it even should. What happened between him and Logan would alter the course of their relationship regardless. Either they would enjoy it and continue down this road, or they would enjoy it and not continue. Or, what he prayed didn’t happen, they would be turned off entirely, and things would only go downhill from there.

“Kiss. Lips,” Sam announced when Logan tossed the dice to the floor.

Elijah’s heart slammed against his ribs once more as he met Logan’s gaze.

He had never been one to back down from a challenge, but he’d also never found himself in a position like this.

“I can roll again if you’d like,” Logan said, and the way he said it made Elijah realize he was all right with the idea of Elijah kissing him.

“One rule,” Elijah stated as he got to his feet and moved toward Logan. “If this gets weird, we talk about it.”

“We won’t let this destroy us,” Logan said firmly.

Elijah nodded, then took a seat beside Logan, their thighs touching.

“Don’t move,” Elijah said firmly, deciding he was going to be in charge of this moment. Someone needed to be.

Logan remained perfectly still, but the problem came when Elijah found he couldn’t move either.

He had never kissed a man before, and while he doubted it would feel much different than kissing a woman, he would know it was different. Especially because this was Logan. His stomach pitched, and he felt a moment of fear. Elijah did not want to do something that would ultimately ruin what they had. Not even something as innocent as a kiss.

“I can help.”

Sam’s soft voice drew their attention.

Elijah cocked an eyebrow. “How?”

Her expression was serious when she asked, “Do you trust me?”

“With everything that I am,” he said honestly.

She nodded, then got to her feet and came over, positioning herself so she was sitting between them, forcing them both to sit at an angle.

They both turned their attention to her as she got situated. Elijah’s breath expelled from his lungs when she leaned in and kissed his mouth. Soft, gentle.

He let her take the reins, giving himself over to her as she licked and sucked at his lower lip, her hand gliding over his bare back. When she pulled back, Elijah realized Logan was watching intently, as he always did.

Sam then performed the same maneuver on Logan while Elijah watched.

It went on for a couple of minutes while they took turns kissing Sam until she’d somehow gotten them closer together.

“I want to watch you kiss him,” she whispered in Elijah’s ear.

A jolt of heat speared him. Her words were a sensual seduction, and although he was far more dominant in the bedroom than Sam, he found he wanted to please her by doing as she requested.

Without thinking, Elijah leaned over and pressed his lips to Logan’s. They both hesitated briefly, a brush of lips and nothing more.

Sam shifted, and Elijah felt her hand on the back of his head as though she was holding him in place. It wasn’t necessary because he wasn’t moving away. No, he was rooted to the sofa, to the moment, trying to remember how to breathe.

“Don’t stop,” Logan grumbled, his hand sliding onto Elijah’s thigh.

That single command was enough to have Elijah going in for the kill. He crushed his mouth to Logan’s and gave himself over to the kiss. He let the sensations overwhelm him, the feel of Logan’s firm lips, his tongue, the whiskers on his cheeks. Elijah didn’t hesitate to see whether Logan welcomed him because he didn’t have to. Logan growled low in his throat and pulled Elijah into him.

The kiss was earth-scorching hot, unlike anything Elijah had ever experienced. There was a definite difference between kissing Sam and kissing Logan. Not only because of their gender but also because of their personalities. Sam was generously submissive while Logan was fully dominating. They were at war for supremacy as their tongues dueled, hands groping.

Elijah had no idea how long it went on. It lasted until Sam moaned, her soft, cool hands caressing his back, pulling him out of the moment.

“Christ Almighty,” Logan whispered.

Sam’s eyes were wide as she stared between them, as though she was waiting for one of them to do something.

Elijah wiped his lower lip with his thumb as he met Logan’s gaze again.

Now for the moment of truth.


Sam was transfixed by the sight of Logan and Elijah looking at one another.

It was like watching two hungry wolves who’d gone head-to-head for their meal, and somehow they’d both come out the victor.

“Fuck,” Elijah mumbled, his chest heaving.

That had been…


Freaking hot.


Sam wanted to watch them again, wanted to see her men give in to whatever this urge was to devour one another, but she knew better than to make the request. She wasn’t in charge of this, no matter how much she wished that were the case. They had to find common ground for this to move forward. If, in fact, it was going to move forward.

“Enough games,” Logan said, his gaze swinging to Sam.

She wasn’t about to argue, but even if she had been, he gave her no time to do so.

Before she knew what was happening, Logan and Elijah were on their feet. A second later, Logan had her tossed over his shoulder and was marching toward the stairs. She squealed but remained still, not wanting him to drop her on his path to what she hoped was a bedroom.

Seemingly picking one at random, Logan strolled in and tossed Sam to the bed, making her laugh. It died off quickly when Logan stripped off the remainder of his clothes, then reached for her panties and jerked them down her legs. Elijah wasn’t far behind, strolling into the room looking just as dangerous, his eyes flashing with heat.

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