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Danger Rising (Red Stone Security #20)(3)
Author: Katie Reus

“You’re not fired. Not yet,” he bit out. “I’m not happy, but this is one mistake in two years.” And the truth was Leon was correct. Jeremy had upcoming meetings and other events where he needed top-notch security. Leon might have fucked up tonight, but he was still excellent at what he did, especially when it came to personal security. Which was Jeremy’s main need now. That, and getting that damn laptop back.

“I know I’ve said it, but I am sorry. This should not have happened.” Leon’s tone was stiff.

He didn’t want apologies. “Call your investigator. His priority is retrieving that laptop. And I want to know who broke in here. I want who hired them as well, but everyone involved will pay for this.”

Leon nodded, his jaw firm. “Consider it done.”

Jeremy glanced around his office, felt the rage start to bubble up all over again. But he ruthlessly shoved it back down. Men who lost their tempers, men like his deceased father, were pathetic and weak. A man should be able to control himself, his baser instincts.

It was the ones who rambled and ranted on and on about their greatness who were weak, needy fools. He didn’t need others to know just how much power he wielded, how much money he’d been making over the last few years. The ones who mattered knew—corrupt judges, politicians, doctors he had in his pocket. So many little important cogs in the machine he was building.

On paper he’d taken a few hits financially over the last year, but was still solid enough. He paid all his taxes—on his legally gained money. He wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

But there was enough information on that laptop that if it fell into the wrong hands, it could pose a very dangerous threat to him. To others connected to him.

And if the others discovered this breach… No, they could never know about this potential breach of information. He wouldn’t be safe then. More importantly, someone might target his daughter. He’d gone to great lengths to keep her existence quiet—almost no one knew about her connection to him—but if the wrong people were pissed off enough, they’d tear his life apart. He couldn’t allow any danger to come to her.

At that thought, sweat broke out along his spine despite the breeze blowing in from the still-open door.

As long as no one managed to break the encryption on that laptop, he could continue to live his life the way he enjoyed. At the top.

And his daughter would be safe.






Teague Munroe’s phone buzzed in his pocket, but he didn’t glance at it as he pressed the talk button on his Bluetooth. Only a handful of people had this number. And at the moment he was busy watching a corrupt state official across the street, out with one of his mistresses. “Yeah,” he murmured.

“It’s Leon. I might have something for you.”

Teague lifted his coffee mug, indicating to the waitress at the 24/7 diner that he wanted a refill. The food here was shockingly good, as was the coffee. Had to be one of Miami’s best-kept secrets. And the view of the motel across the street was perfect. The man he’d been tailing disappeared into room 212, the same one he always used. So, so stupid. “What is it?” he asked as he pulled up the camera feeds he’d already hidden in the motel room.

Leon paused, then spoke again. “Someone broke into my boss’s place tonight. Just like you said.”

Yeah, Teague had figured Lana would break into Cashe’s place. The woman was skilled. His woman. Unfortunately, she wasn’t actually his. Not yet anyway. But she owned him nonetheless, had for years. “What happened?”

“They got away, but ripped off Cashe’s laptop and about fifty grand from his safe. There might have been some other paperwork in the safe, but he didn’t say.” Leon’s voice was low, barely audible, so he was likely calling from Cashe’s residence.

“Any video evidence?” he asked, even as he set his cell phone down. He’d muted the video feed, not needing to hear what the two in the motel were doing. They were consenting adults, but unfortunately this particular state official was using taxpayer money for his extracurricular activities. So very stupid.

“No. Video feeds were disabled, as was the security system. Whoever is behind this…was good. I know what you told me, but I didn’t realize what was going on until they set off a trip wire in Cashe’s office. They might not have even realized what they did. It was subtle, connected to his safe. And it was recently installed.”

Okay, that was good. No one knew it was Lana, and from the sound of it, Leon wasn’t sure of the person’s gender either. “What does your boss want?” Jeremy Cashe was a corrupt businessman who’d been operating in Miami for decades. He’d flown under the radar of most law enforcement agencies. But not all of them—he’d landed on a watch list for a suspected link to terrorism. Teague wasn’t involved in the investigation—not his agency—but he knew about it.

“To find whoever broke in, and whoever hired them. He’s trying to be calm, but he’s out for blood.”

“What’s on the laptop?”

“I don’t know.” But Leon’s pause said otherwise. “But I suggested he hire an investigator to hunt down the perpetrator and he told me to do it. That’s why I’m calling. I figured you’d want to be involved with whatever this is.”

“I accept your job offer,” he said dryly. Leon owed him a handful of favors. And Teague had known that Lana would eventually go after Cashe, so he’d made a preemptive call to Leon months ago. Teague had ordered Leon to call him if and when someone broke into Cashe’s place. He didn’t want anyone else hunting down Lana. It was his responsibility to keep her safe and this was the best way to do it. He’d pose as the investigator looking for her. Because if he was “looking” for her, no one else would be. He could spin the narrative the way he wanted, point Cashe in any direction he chose.

“Cashe will expect updates,” Leon murmured, his voice dropping even lower.

“And I’ll give them to you. I’ll also expect him to pay me a hefty deposit up front. I’ll send you the account he can deposit funds into.” He was going to have fun creating a wild story about who’d broken into Cashe’s place and why. Teague had been working in Black Ops for a few years, had multiple covers. Investigator was one of them. Leon didn’t even know his real name.

“Of course. So are we square?”

“Not even close.” He hung up. He didn’t like Leon, not one bit, but the man was a useful tool. Teague had many of them all over the world. Assets who often came in handy.

He pulled out a few twenties, dropped them on the table. It was more than enough to cover the omelet and coffee. He glanced at his screen as he stood, saw the amorous couple already finishing. Shaking his head, he pocketed his cell and strode out into the chilly, damp air.

The thunderstorm from earlier had faded and now a light mist coated his face and jacket within moments. It was quiet this close to midnight, the diner’s parking lot nearly empty. No one paid him any attention as he made his way across the lot, then the street and into the motel lot across the street.

After glancing around, he slipped into the plain, four-door sedan he’d be ditching later tonight, turned on the volume of the video feed.

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